Commercial Insurance

At Allegiance Insurance Agency, we work closely with you to ensure your business has the right type of insurance to protect it from all potential risks. As an independent agency, we do not represent just one insurance provider. Rather, we help you to locate the provider with the most affordable insurance package for your business. Consider the following types of insurance, all of which is available in Richardson, Texas.

Texas Commercial Auto Insurance

Owning one or a fleet of vehicles, trucks, or vans within your business means you need auto insurance. Auto coverage not only meets state minimum requirements, but it can also cover your business by providing protection from a lawsuit should one of your employees is involved in an accident. Affordable policies are available in Collin County.

Texas Commercial General Liability Insurance

Product, professional, and general liability insurance are often necessary for small and large businesses. Liability insurance protects you should someone fall on your property or an employee is misleading to customers. If your product fails, you do not have to face the financial risks associated with a lawsuit. CGL insurance is a must in nearly all business types where there is this type of risk.

Texas Commercial Property Insurance

Whether you own or lease, commercial property insurance is necessary in most cases. It protects against fire, vandalism, loss of business, and theft. It may protect your business's assets, including equipment, as well as the building your business is in. For those in Allen or Wylie, it is often necessary to have this insurance to protect all assets from potential weather events, too.

Texas Workers Compensation

The state of Texas requires businesses to have workers compensation insurance. This type of insurance provides coverage to your employees should they be involved in a work-related incident that results in injury, illness, or even death. This type of protection is necessary to protect your business from costly lawsuits.

Texas Business Owner Package

Business Owner Package, or BOP insurance, is another excellent investment, including for those in Denton County. Here, the various types of business insurance you need are wrapped into one policy, reducing your costs and providing you with the insurance protection you need.

Allegiance Insurance Agency can help you get the right commercial coverage you need. Contact our independent agency today! We will help you to save money and properly protect your business from most risks it faces.