What to Look For in Classic Car Auto Insurance

Cars are known for not lasting near as long as they used to. That’s why people who find a classic take such great care of them. There is special insurance coverage for classic cars that is different from standard auto liability insurance. The Allegiance Insurance Agency, serving the Richardson, TX area, has experience in protecting these mobile trophies.

Is Your Car a Classic, or Antique?

To meet the criteria for classic car insurance, your vehicle must be one of the following:

  • Classic: A vehicle over 10 years old that is of historic interest (muscle car, hot rod., etc.).
  • Antique: A classic car that is over 25 years old.

Is Your Classic Car Well-Maintained?

In order to obtain this specialized, restricted form of insurance, it is often asked that the car only be used for limited occasions, be maintained and preserved in the originally-designed condition (or undergoing restoration), and be stored inside an enclosed building structure.

How Does Classic Car Insurance Differ?

There are incentives to holding a classic car policy over a typical policy.

Guaranteed Value

Also known as “Agreed Value”, this coverage will offer a full and fair value that was agreed to by the policyholder of the car to be paid in the event of a total loss. Typical insurance offers “actual value” which is often depreciated based on age and mileage. 

Lower Premiums

Given the standard of care necessary to meet the criteria for the policy, it is understood that great care will be taken when you have your classic car on the road. Accordingly, this will allow for premiums of classic car insurance to be lower than similar traditional auto coverage.

Classic cars are special and deserve special coverage. Contact a professional with Allegiance Insurance Agency, serving the Richardson, TX area, to ensure your classic car is ideally protected