What information do I need to report my claim?

When you suffer a loss, it might be prudent to call your insurer before you report an insurance claim. This way you can find out all the information you’ll need to provide. You can then gather all the necessary information and help speed the claim process. More complex claims might require more detailed documentation. In general, you’ll need the following items to report an insurance claim.

General Information

Regardless of the type of claim, you’ll need to give the adjuster your contact information and your policy information. He’ll use the information you provide to verify that you are indeed a customer and review the applicable coverage. This is one of the reasons that it is crucial that you keep your contact information up to date with your insurer. You don’t want any delays when you file a claim. In it’s an incident that involves others, provide their contact information when you report your claim.

Loss Information

You’ll need to tell when the loss occurred and describe the loss to the adjuster. Include as much information as possible so the adjuster has a clear idea of the events surrounding the loss. For example, if you’re reporting an auto accident, describe how the accident happened, give details of the road conditions and list witnesses and all involved. Also, be sure to describe your injuries, as well as those of others involved.

Life Insurance Claims

If you need to file a life insurance claim, you’ll need to provide the insured’s death certificate. If the person is your spouse, you’ll also need to provide your marriage certificate. Also, if children are beneficiaries, you might need their birth certificates and social security numbers.

Property Claim

Get your camera now and take pictures of your property. You want to have pictures of your property before the damage occurs. After an accident occurs, take steps to prevent further damage to your property as soon as it is safe. Take lots of pictures. Document the steps you take with pictures and written statements. If you need to buy supplies, get receipts. You’ll need to provide all of this information to the claim adjuster.

You might be a bit frazzled if a loss occurs that requires you to report an insurance claim. Knowing the information you’ll need before this happens can help you remain calm. Give us a call so that one of our helpful agents can help you through the process.