Since my child is now away at school and does not have a car, can I remove him from my auto insurance policy?

When a child goes off to college in Plano, TX, you may wonder if it is possible to remove him or her from your policy. Depending on your auto insurance policy and the distance from your young adult’s school, the answer may vary. Even if your student is across the country, it may still be better to keep him or her on your policy until college is complete or he or she has purchased an individual policy.

Inform Your Insurer

If your child’s college is more than 100 miles from your home, then your insurer may reduce your rates. The reason is that your teenager is less likely to drive your vehicle throughout the year. Even if you keep him or her on your policy, the coverage will only apply when he or she is visiting from school.

In the event that your student’s college is less than 100 miles from home, you may need to keep him or her on your current policy.

Keeping Your Student Protected

Unless your young adult student purchases a personal policy that is separate from your own, it is usually best to keep him or her on your current plan. Even students who are not driving at school can still need coverage because it is possible that visits will result in borrowing the car.

Insurers need to know when the situation changes. In many cases, insurers will provide discounts on your auto policy.

Going off to college does not mean that your student is no longer your financial responsibility. In many cases, it is not yet time to remove him or her from your auto plan. Contact us to talk to an agent for more details.