How Does Classic Car Insurance Work?

Classic car insurance in Richardson, TX helps protect classic or antique cars that aren’t for everyday driving. While it covers some similar items to regular car insurance, there are some differences to note.

Your car must be eligible for classic car insurance. It must either be a classic or antique car. A classic car is a car that is 10 to 24 years old and has historic interest, while an antique car is 25 years or older and also has historic interest. In addition to having your car qualify, you need to meet some other requirements. This includes using your car only on a limited basis, having your car preserved or maintained in its original condition, and storing it in an enclosed space.

Your insurance agent at Allegiance Insurance Agency will have an agreed value for the vehicle. A professional appraisal helps determine the agreed upon value. If your car is destroyed, damaged, or stolen, then insurance pays you the agreed value and not the actual cash value or the stated value.

Classic car insurance will have some specific terms that can vary by policy and can limit the way you use your vehicle. It’s necessary to understand these terms. You may be limited to using your car at auto club events, parades, car shows, exhibitions, or similar events. There could also be a mileage limit. You do also have to store your car in a specific way when it is not being used. If you do need to make repairs on your car, there may be only certain shops you can go to, so check to see if you can take it to a shop you prefer. Also don’t let coverage lapse. Just because the car is in your garage, it doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Contact Allegiance Insurance Agency, serving Richardson, TX, to get a quote on classic car insurance. 

When to Bundle Auto Insurance for Your Family

As your Richardson, TX family matures and grows older, your children will start driving cars. We at Allegiance Insurance Agency suggest that you bundle your auto insurance policies with those of your children to create lower premiums and maximum protection.

Teen Drivers May Have Trouble With Insurance

Teenage drivers have typically been considered a higher risk to insure because they are newer drivers and may behave in dangerous ways when on the road. Therefore, you can expect much higher premiums for your teens than you would for yourself because you have a history of skilled driving.

However, teens also experience complications such as difficulties finding comprehensive coverage and limitations on what kind of policies that they can buy. Teen drivers may find it hard to either pay for these rates or parents may struggle to justify paying them for the teen.

Bundled Policies Provide Many Benefits

When you bundle your policies together as a family, you provide many benefits. First of all, you’ll create a simpler-to-pay lump payment that makes it easier for your family to pay on time. Just as importantly, you can help your teen out in many ways.

For example, teens on a bundled policy with their parents will save money and be open to more high-quality insurance policies. Work something out with your teen, where they pay you their share of the policy every month, and you can save together as a family.

Consider Bundling Your Policies

As you can see, bundling your family’s policies together can help to streamline the situation and decrease your premiums. So if you live in Richardson, TX and want high-quality auto insurance for your family, please contact us at Allegiance Insurance Agency right away to set up a bundle that will protect your family.

How RV Insurance Can Get You Back on the Road

Investing in an RV is a big move. Planning to spend months or even years on the road is a bigger move. Anyone who has put their money into an RV should look at all of the coverage options of RV insurance. Of course, just like a car or truck, RV’s need to have a minimum amount of insurance. But unlike a car or truck, a lot more is at risk if an RV is stolen or damaged in an accident. The risk of lost possessions in a car is much lower than in an RV. People typically don’t carry their lives around in their cars but on extended RV vacations, or retirement in an RV, important paperwork and possessions are typically along for the ride.

RV insurance gives owners coverage for many of the same things as auto insurance like liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. But unlike auto insurance, RV insurance offers extra protection for personal belongings, equipment add-ons, modifications like satellite dishes, and things like awnings. At Allegiance Insurance Agency serving the Richardson, TX area, we understand RV insurance and guide our customers to the right policy for them.

Here are some options RV insurance includes as added coverage:

  • Vacation protection
  • Emergency expenses
  • Roadside services
  • Full-Time Resident Coverages (similar to a home policy)

Without appropriate add-on coverage, an RV owner could be facing a catastrophe that’s going to be hard to crawl out of. Imagine being caught in a situation where the RV is on fire while its a full-time residence. Where would the owner stay while waiting for a claim to be processed? How would they get around to shop for a new RV?

RV insurance with the proper add-on coverage (depending on how long one will be living the RV) will make sure that the unbearable doesn’t happen. For reliable and knowledgeable information about RV insurance options contact Allegiance Insurance Agency for service in Richardson, TX.

Essential Insurance Protection for New Motorcycle Riders

Is a new motorcycle on your Christmas wish list this year? Don’t forget to protect your investment with motorcycle insurance. Motorcycle insurance is a must for all riders but even more so for those who are new to the motorcycle scene. New riders are more prone to accidents due to their lack of riding experience. The following coverage from Allegiance Insurance Agency will protect you during your holiday travels.  


Liability motorcycle insurance is mandatory in Texas and serves to protect others in accidents that are your fault. If you fail to signal and cause an accident while changing lanes on the highway, you can be held liable for damages to the other driver. Liability insurance helps pay for these damages up to the limits on your policy. If accident damages exceed the limits on your policy, you could be held liable for the rest out of pocket.   

Collision and Comprehensive

If you took out a loan to buy a new motorcycle in Richardson, TX, your lender may require that you get collision and comprehensive coverage to protect his investment. Collision helps pay for repairs to your motorcycle if you crash into another vehicle; comprehensive protects you against theft, storm damage or vandalism. You never know what will happen on the road. Collision and comprehensive coverage protect your valuable investment so you don’t suffer financial loss.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist  

At some point in your riding, you may encounter a driver who has no insurance or insufficient insurance to cover the expenses of an accident he causes. With uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, your insurance company will cover the cost of your damages even if the accident was someone else’s fault. Paying a little extra for this coverage could wind up saving you a lot.

As a new motorcycle rider, you can greatly benefit from a policy that includes this essential insurance coverage. For personalized motorcycle insurance at affordable costs, contact us at Allegiance Insurance Agency in Richardson, TX.

The Importance Of Preventive Healthcare

When was the last time you visited a doctor?

Chances are that your last doctor’s visit was made out of necessity, not on the basis of preventive care. If you’re sick, you’re forced to seek medical attention. However, with regular guidance and checkups from your health team in Richardson, TX, you may actually be able to decrease the chances of illness in your life. Health insurance through the Allegiance Insurance Agency can provide more opportunities for preventive care. Here’s why this is important.

Physicals And Vaccinations

If their children attend public school, most parents have to take their kids to the doctor for good visits and annual physicals. But adults need this type of health maintenance as well. About 50 percent of Americans don’t take preventive measures such as annual physicals and age-appropriate medical testing such as mammograms.

This trend contributes to the rise in long-term illnesses and fatal diseases such as hypertension and cancer. Regular doctors visits can reduce the risk of progression for these diseases because physicals are designed to catch them before they develop. Although you cannot stop all diseases from attacking your body, frequent visits with a health professional can stop them in their tracks early on. If you are in the beginning stages of a disease, treatment is much less invasive and much more effective.

Healthy Lifestyle Guidance And Management

Did you know that health education goes a long way in terms of preventive care?

If you don’t know how your lifestyle choices or diet are impacting your health, you are less likely to alter them. On the other hand, if you are guided and educated about healthy choices and the reasoning behind them, you are more likely to take them into consideration.

Eating healthy foods, staying active on a regular basis and not smoking are just a few choices that can drastically improve your health. They also require a lot of self-discipline. If you create healthy goals based on helpful, up-to-date information, that discipline gets a little easier to maintain.

Overall, preventive health care can help you lead a more productive, less painful, fuller and longer life. Don’t wait to get sick in order to see a doctor in Richardson, TX. Contact an agent at the Allegiance Insurance Agency to find a healthcare policy that works well for you. then, take your preventive care into your own hands.


Five Typical Boat Insurance Requirements By Marinas

Marinas usually welcome boats of varying sizes and have plenty of families, group and individual activities that can keep you busy all day.

Marinas also have rules you must follow if you want to be a member, which vary depending upon marina. Some of the boat docking regulations concern insurance and marinas typically have these five requirements.

  1. Coverage for another vessel in case of a crash – If you bump into someone else’s boat at the dock or have a crash in the water, you may need to have coverage for that just in case.
  2. The inclusion of payments to a marina for property damage — The dock might be another item besides someone else’s boat that is damaged during a collision. The marina probably will expect you to be able to pay for this.
  3. A minimum amount of coverage – In addition to items covered, you might be presented with a specific minimum amount of money that your policy would pay. Your Allegiance Insurance Agency representative can help you decide what amount this should be.
  4. Adherence to rules to keep docking costs from rising – Your insurance, as well as the marina’s insurance, is less likely to raise if you heed all safety precautions offered to you.
  5. Proof of insurance –Some marinas might ask you for your insurance certificate before you can register with them. Have it with you in case they ask for it.

Some marinas might also require that you have coverage for injuries to other people as well. Make sure you ask a representative at the place where you want to keep your boat for more information.

The kind of policy you need may also depend on whether or not you store your boat at the dock for the winter. If you have any insurance questions, please contact your Richardson, TX agent today. Allegiance Insurance is happy to help you anytime.

What Types of Businesses Need Commercial Insurance?

So you’ve just started a small business and are wondering if you need to buy a commercial insurance policy. Or maybe you’ve been sneaking by without a policy and are unsure about whether you need one or not. Allegiance Insurance Agency is here to help business owners in and around Richardson, TX make sense of the commercial insurance world.

If you have any type of business and you are trying to go without commercial insurance, you’re making a big mistake. Commercial insurance can cover things such as property damage, injury, theft, liability, and even business interruption. It can be easy to think that you don’t need commercial insurance if you don’t have any employees or you run your business from home, but that could not be further from the truth. What if your home (your place of business) catches on fire and you need to take a break from your business to get back on your feet? Or what if someone breaks into your studio office and steals all your supplies? Although unfortunate, both of these situations would be much easier to navigate with commercial insurance. In short, the answer to the question of what types of businesses need commercial insurance is every type.

You never know what could happen and when thinking about insurance, you need to plan for the worst. If you’re in the Richardson, TX area and you own a business, talk to an agent at Allegiance Insurance Agency to get started with commercial insurance. Hopefully, the only other time you’ll need to talk to us again will be to expand your policy as your business expands. We hope you never need to make a claim, but if you do, we’ll be here for you.

Should You Keep Your Life Insurance as You Grow Older?

When you were first starting out in life, you were responsible and took out life insurance. After all, who knows if a sudden mishap or illness would take your life and leave your spouse and children alone to fend for themselves? That policy gave you peace of mind that your loved ones would be taken care of if, by chance, you were suddenly no longer there to do that service for them.

Now you’ve gotten a little older. Your kids are grown and have families of their own. You have accumulated a little nest egg. The question that occurs to you, therefore, is whether you still need life insurance.

The short answer that Allegiance Insurance Agency, serving Richardson, TX gives is an emphatic yes.  

The truth is that even at your age you are going to have some final expenses that will have to be paid by your heirs once you are no longer here. If you are taken by an illness such as cancer, you will doubtless have medical expenses that aren’t covered by insurance. You will also have burial costs, which can be expensive depending on how you would like to be memorialized and what your plot looks like. An insurance policy can cover other kinds of debt as well.

Finally, a good insurance policy can augment your spouse’s net worth as he or she begins the journey of life without you. Your spouse will surely have things to pay for, such as long-term care that life insurance can help to cover. You will both have peace of mind that these matters will be taken care of before you pass on.

If you have any questions concerning life insurance, feel free to contact Allegiance Insurance Agency, serving Richardson, TX.

Does It Matter Which Company Underwrites My Insurance Policy?

As you shop for insurance in Richardson, TX, it’s important to look at who is the underwriter. While there are plenty of companies that will provide policies in Texas, it does matter.

Financial Integrity

One of the first reasons to care about your underwriter is due to financial integrity. Some insurance companies have a better financial outlook. You don’t want to get into a situation where you work with a company with a low rating. It could make it difficult for a claim to be paid on time. Additionally, some companies that struggle with their finances may do everything they can to prevent your claim from being accepted.


Reading the reviews of insurance companies can tell you more about what to expect with them. Plenty of reviews can be found online from others who have experience with the company. They can tell you how the customer service is, how the rates are compared to other companies, and much more. If there are a lot of negative reviews, it identifies that you should proceed with caution.

What’s Available

You also want to look at what’s covered by your insurance policy. Allegiance Insurance Agency can work with you to determine what needs to be included in your policy. This includes exploring any riders that make sense for your individual situation. Whether you’re buying home insurance, auto insurance, or any other coverage, you need to make sure that your policy includes everything that will provide you with the necessary financial protection.

The agents at Allegiance Insurance Agency can show you the different underwriters that are available based on the type of insurance that you’re shopping for in Richardson, TX. Don’t assume that the lowest premium is the best option. The company that underwriters your insurance policy does matter and our agents will explain why.




When Will Auto Insurance Be a Necessity?

Driving a car is a necessity for many people. When you are looking to get a car and drive, one important thing to think about is your need for auto insurance. Having auto insurance is not only extremely important for anyone that owns a car, but it is legally required as well.

When You Want to Drive Legally

The first situation in which you will want to have auto insurance is when you want to drive your car legally. Driving a car come with a lot of responsibility and potential liability. Because of this, the state of Texas will require that you carry liability insurance coverage at all times. The state will require that you have property damage coverage of $25,000 for each accident as well as bodily injury coverage of at least $30,000 per injured person with a $60,000 per accident cap.

Valuable Car 

Another situation in which having insurance is a necessity is when it is a valuable car. If your car was expensive and is an important asset to you, getting additional collision and comprehensive insurance coverage is helpful and will provide you with coverage for a variety of other situations. This coverage will also be required if you have a loan or lease outstanding. 

Since having auto insurance is so important, meeting with a professional to discuss your needs and options would be a great idea for many people. For those that are in the Richardson, TX area, visiting with the team at the Allegiance Insurance Agency could be a great first step. The team at Allegiance Insurance Agency will be able to help you to better assess your auto insurance needs and help you to pick a policy that works for you.