Common Myths About Classic Car Insurance

A classic car is a precious possession and expensive investment. If you are a classic car owner, you probably understand how important classic car insurance is. While you are researching different coverage options available, it is necessary to be aware of the misconceptions about this type of insurance being spread. Allegiance Insurance Agency serving Richardson, TX has prepared for you the list of 3 most common myths you should know: 

Classic Car Insurance and Standard Auto Insurance Are The Same

This is incorrect. The main difference between them is the factors that they take into consideration. For example, classic car insurance considers the number of times classic car owners drive their classic cars, the use of the car (whether it is used for display at car shows), and storage conditions. A comprehensive insurance policy for a classic car is more sophisticated than a standard car insurance policy. 

You Can Get Classic Car Insurance For an Antique Car Only

Actually, your vehicle does not have to be antique. Even the cars that are only 25-30 years old fit the criteria to be considered classic cars. In addition, there are other vehicles that qualify for the policy as well, including classic motorcycles, street rods, custom cars, and tractors. 

It Is Complicated To Get Classic Car Coverage

It is actually pretty easy. As long as your vehicle is at least 25 years old, property stored and is driven on a limited basis, you can purchase a classic car insurance policy. However, first, you need to get your car appraised to know its actual value. 

If you are the lucky owner of a classic car from Richardson, TX or any other surrounding areas and you are searching for a trustworthy insurance agency to purchase an insurance policy for your precious possession, Allegiance Insurance Agency will be glad to assist you. All you need to do is to visit our website or give us a call for more information. 

Is RV insurance mandatory in Richardson TX

Owning an RV is one of the most convenient and fun ways of traveling across Richardson, TX, and beyond. It is a vast investment that requires special treatment. Many RVs double the price of regular cars while some cost as much as the cost of buying a house. For this reason, you want to make sure that your home on wheels is protected by quality RV insurance. While it is not mandatory in Texas, Allegiance Insurance Agency experts recommend buying insurance that costs as much as the RV itself.

When will I need RV insurance?

Just because it is not mandatory doesn’t mean you will never need it. However, it’s essential to note that RV insurance varies based on needs. Unlike auto insurance, where several coverages are a requirement by the law, RV insurance is more flexible and allows you to enjoy various coverages. Remember, your home on wheels is no different from your standard car because both use roads and have similar risks. If you have to connect it to a truck or SUV to move it, then you don’t need to buy separate insurance because the truck or SUV pulling it already has.

Which coverages should I consider?

Rv insurance comes with basic auto insurance coverages, but also extends to other RV related risks. Your responsibility is to conduct thorough research to know which coverages will work for you based on where you live, where you travel most, the age and model of your RV, and other factors. If you are a frequent traveler, you want to look for a coverage that protects you while on the roads such as collisions, custom equipment, comprehensive and medical payments.

Other RV related coverages to consider include:

  • Safety glass replacement
  • Roadside assistance
  • vacation liability
  • Awning replacement 
  • Full-timers package

For all your RV insurance needs in Richardson, TX, please feel free to talk to our insurance experts at Allegiance Insurance Agency, and we will be happy to help.

What to Expect from Motorcycle Insurance

Buying a motorcycle is an exciting item to purchase. You just can’t wait to get on the open road and cruise through the streets. Once you have your gear, your helmet, and the rider’s jacket, you’ll need to secure insurance for your vehicle. There are a few things you should know when it comes to having motorcycle insurance and the insurance agents at Allegiance Insurance Agency in Richardson, TX can go over your options when you’re ready.

What to Expect

There are three things that you should know before you purchase motorcycle insurance.

  1. According to the Texas Department of Insurance, everyone who drives must provide proof of financial responsibility. Proof of responsibility is determined by the amount of money and assets you own. For those individuals who are not independently wealthy, financial responsibility means acquiring insurance.
  2. In Texas, you need to have liability insurance in order to ride.
    • Bodily injury liability can help with an injured person’s medical needs.
    • Property damage liability is useful if you cause damage to another person’s property.
  3. Premiums are usually less expensive on motorcycles than on cars or trucks.

Optional Motorcycle Coverage

Although motorcycle insurance may be less expensive than car insurance, you don’t have to stop at the minimum coverage. Adding collision and comprehensive coverage could help cover your vehicle’s repairs after an accident.

  • Collision coverage is used to repair your bike if you hit another vehicle or an object, such as a building, or a tree.
  • Comprehensive coverage is designed to be used to repair or replace your motorcycle after an accident.

Stop by Allegiance Insurance Agency in Richardson, TX has supportive agents that can guide you through your policy and help you determine what insurance you need before your motorcycle journey begins.

Is Boat Insurance a Legal Requirement?

At Allegiance Insurance Agency of Richardson, TX, we know Texans love boating and spending time on the lakes in our state. You need to remain protected while boating. That means sunscreen for your face and body, sunglasses to protect your eyes, and insurance to protect your boat.

While the state does not require boat insurance for your watercraft, your bank might. If you obtained a loan to purchase the boat, your financial lending institution can require you to obtain insurance to cover damage to other people’s boats or other property and to cover your liability for bodily injury. If you own a home, thereby have a homeowner’s policy, it covers a limited amount of damages to your boat. You can obtain a boat policy to enhance this coverage though and you really should.

A boat insurance policy varies in its value coverage. You have three types of policy from which to choose:

  • replacement cost which pays to repair your watercraft or replace it.
  • actual cash value which pays a depreciated replacement cost or for repairs.
  • agreed amount value which pays for replacement cost or repairs to the watercraft up to the value specified in the policy.

The actual cash value or agreed amount value costs a little less, but they cover less, too. Replacement cost value costs more in premiums, but it pays the full, original cost of the boat which is what a new boat would probably cost you.

Your insurance policy comes with a few restrictions. If your policy includes a layup provision, that means your coverage gets suspended during certain months. You need to re-activate coverage if you luck into nice weather during winter and decide to take the boat out.

Your policy does not automatically cover ocean voyages. If you plan to boat off of the Texas coast, discuss this with your insurance agent, so you can add coverage. While the state of Texas does not have many limitations to who can propel the boat, insurance policies do. Many policies restrict the age of the boat operator. Carefully read your policy and adhere to any age limits.

Richardson, TX and the surrounding area offer a multitude of boating options. Let Allegiance Insurance Agency help you protect your investment in your watercraft. Call us today to build the right boat policy for you.

Why you need health insurance in Richardson?

Anyone that lives in the Richardson, TX area is going to have a wide range of different personal insurance needs. One form of insurance that you need to get is health insurance, which ensures that you and others on your plan have access to good healthcare. There are several reasons why you need to get this form of insurance when you are in this area of Texas. 

Ensures Access to Affordable Care

The main reason that someone here should get a health insurance policy is that it can ensure that you have access to affordable care. When you have a health insurance policy, you are going to be able to see a doctor or specialist when you need to, which can help be a great first step when it comes to preventative care. If you ever need a more significant procedure, you can also receive this care at a much lower cost.

Requirement of Law

Another reason that you need to get health insurance here is that you are not required to have it by law. Those that are all over the country are now obligated to carry health insurance for themselves and their dependents. If you are not able to provide evidence of this coverage, you could face penalization at the end of the year when you go to file your takes.

Picking a health insurance policy in the Richardson, TX area is a big decision. At the same time, choosing the right policy can be quite complicated. To make it easier, you should speak with the team at the Allegiance Insurance Agency. When you call the Allegiance Insurance Agency, you can learn a lot more about how health insurance can protect you. Based on this assessment, you can then receive guidance that will help you to find a new policy. 

Who should buy life insurance in Richardson, TX

Financial experts today refer to life insurance as the cornerstone for sound financial planning. It fills the essential roles of protecting your loved ones who depend on you.  That is why Allegiance Insurance Agency recommends buying life insurance at a young age to safeguard your loved ones’ future. So, who needs life insurance in Richardson, TX? Read on to find out.

Starting a new family

Starting a family comes with many financial responsibilities such as children’s needs, school fees, a new home, a new car, and many other responsibilities. Buying life insurance during this period can be an excellent idea as it will cushion your retirement savings when you are older.

Having children as a single parent

Raising children as a single parent in Richardson, TX requires financial preparedness.  That is why many single parents opt for life insurance. If you are planning a divorce, it is prudent that you think about life insurance to ensure that your children are provided for when you are gone. Unlike couples, a single parent has one source of income. In short, they are the breadwinner in that home. If anything happens to them, the dependents, who are children, will be financially affected the most.

Pay debts and mortgages

If you have a significant amount of debts and loans that you want to clear, a great place to start is to buy life insurance where the accumulated wealth will be used to pay your loans upon your death. You can also buy insurance to pay for your medical and funeral expenses.

Source of savings

Many people opt for life insurance because it is considered an excellent way of saving. Depending on the type of life insurance you buy, your dependents will receive the death benefit if not cash value upon your death. You can even withdraw if you no longer need the policy.

Life insurance is what you need to keep your finances in check. If you need more information, our insurance professionals at Allegiance Insurance Agency are ready to help. Feel free to speak to us today!

How to Choose the Right Commercial Insurance

Your commercial insurance has a lot to do with the success of your business, even though it might not seem like it at first. A good policy in Richardson, TX will keep you protected from any number of threats? But how exactly do you choose the best commercial insurance for you? Allegiance Insurance Agency has a few tips for you. 

Pick for Now, Plan for Later 

This is one of the most important things about any kind of insurance policy — you need to keep the future in the back of your mind at all times. Even if you only have one client right now and very little business growth, that can all change in the future. While there’s no need to choose more coverage when you don’t need it, you do need to remember that things can change on a dime. Make sure that you’re working with a carrier who can grow with you. 

Consider Your Business 

Some businesses face more threats than others, simply based on the nature of the work. For example, if you’re located in an area that gets the worst of the storms in Richardson, TX, you might want business interruption insurance. This ensures that even if you have to close your place of business down for repairs, you don’t have to suffer from a loss of income. You’ll need to assess your individual threats before selecting a policy. 

Allegiance Insurance Agency is here to help you select a policy that works for you, your customers, and your employees. If you have questions about what the right amount of coverage can do for you (and how it can help you succeed), give us a call today to find out just how knowledgeable we are. 

How Often Should I Have My Homeowners Policy Reviewed?

Reviewing your homeowners’ policy is a great way to make sure you have the coverage you need at all times. There are several times when performing a review of your policy is beneficial. Talk to one of the agents at Allegiance Insurance Agency if you feel that your policy may be out of date. Richardson, TX residents can get the answers they need whenever they have concerns about their coverage.

Review Any Time There Is a Change in Your Home or Inventory

If you have purchased new appliances, larger furniture groups, or have made extensive renovations, it’s a good idea to contact an agent and have them go over your policy with you. Adding any new items to your video and written inventory is also a must. Always contact your agent any time you purchase new, high-dollar items for your home.

Average Rule of Thumb

On average, the rule of thumb for re-evaluating an existing homeowners’ policy is between two and three years. This is an average time frame. Some agents prefer one year and others may recommend four to five years between evaluations if there have been no large purchases or renovations. Get to know your agent and find out what their preferences are. 

Agents who work for Allegiance Insurance Agency assist homeowners in Richardson, TX who need to have their insurance policy updated. A review of your homeowner’s insurance policy will show the strengths and weaknesses of your policy and what you can do to ensure you have the right amount of coverage. Talk to an agent today to determine if your policy has changed. They have the expertise you can rely on to make sure you have the perfect coverage for your needs.

5 Tips for Driving Safely During Summer Road Trips

A family road trip can be the highlight of your summer. As Texas highways can be quite crowded during the summer, it’s important to practice safe driving habits. These road trip safety tips from Allegiance Insurance Agency can help prevent mishaps that can derail your travels.

Service Your Vehicle

Have your car serviced before traveling to avoid breakdowns far from home. Ask your mechanic to do a thorough checkup to include fluids, battery, brakes, and tires. You should also inspect your signals, wipers and lights before leaving your home in Richardson, TX and getting out on the open highway.

Pack an Emergency Road Kit

You should always pack an emergency road kit for long-distance travel. In addition to a reliable cellphone and charger, your kit should have a first aid kit, flashlight with batteries, jumper cables, flares, basic tools, healthy snacks, drinking water, and blankets.

Stay Vigilant

Road trips can take a lot out of a driver, especially when kids are in the car. Make sure to take regular breaks to stretch your legs, get a bite to eat or grab a cup of coffee. You can also use your breaks to text friends or return calls that came in while you were driving.

Be Mindful of Others

Summer weather in Texas appeals to everyone from pedestrians to motorcyclists to RV drivers. When traveling through small towns, be mindful of others. Stay within speed limits, leave plenty of space between you and other drivers, yield to pedestrians, and always signal when changing lanes to avoid accidents.  

Update Your Auto Insurance

Update your auto insurance to keep it current and relevant to your driving lifestyle. Quality auto coverage will take the stress out of summer driving. To purchase the auto policy you need in Richardson, TX, contact Allegiance Insurance Agency.  

Questions To Ask Yourself When Shopping For Auto Insurance

If you are a car owner, one of the most important things you should have is auto insurance. It protects you and your vehicle from the costs resulting from property damages and injuries in case of an accident. It also gives you peace of mind by letting you enjoy your car ownership. Finding proper auto insurance coverage might be a challenging and time-consuming process. In order to make the right choice, there are several questions you should ask yourself. 

What Type of Coverage Do I need? 

Do some research and decide what exactly you want before contacting and insurance agency and talking to its agent. Figure out what type of coverage will better fit your needs and budget, so you will not feel pressured when discussing the options with the insurance agency. 

What Deductible Should I Choose? 

A deductible is an amount that you, as a car owner, will have to pay out of pocket before your insurance starts covering the expenses. The lower the deductible is, the higher your insurance policy will cost.

How Often Do I Drive? 

Do you drive 100, 500, or 1,000 miles per month? The mileage is one of the most important things to consider when shopping for auto insurance. If you do not drive much, it might be worth getting a mileage-based type of insurance to save money. 

Where Do I Park My Car?

Your address has an impact on the cost of auto insurance. For example, if you park your vehicle on a street or in front of your porch, you face a higher risk of vandalism or theft, which will increase the cost of your insurance. Moving to a safe suburb in Richardson, TX will significantly decrease the premium costs. 

If you have already answered these questions and are ready to get auto insurance for your vehicle, our agents from Allegiance Insurance Agency serving Richardson, TX are ready to assist you. Call Allegiance Insurance Agency today to learn more about the policies available.