Odd Facts That Can Influence Your Home Insurance

There are many responsibilities that come with owning a home and having the right insurance is part of it. Understanding your home insurance is tricky enough, but there are actually some odd facts that can also impact your homeowner’s insurance. To help navigate the waters better, the experts at Allegiance Insurance Agency in Richardson, TX have put together a short list of some factors that you may not have known.

Fire Hydrants

Because insurance is all about probability and possibility, having a fire hydrant in your front yard will yield lower insurance premiums. The thought process is that in the event of a fire, firemen will have easier access to water than if they have to go down the street for the closest hydrant.

Marital Status

In the eyes of insurance companies being married may imply that you are more responsible. Typically, single homeowners file more insurance claims than those that are married. If you are married and insuring your home, you can expect to see lower premiums. Often, married couples can also take advantage of getting multiple policies through the same insurer and can take advantage of potential savings. 


Your age has a big impact on your home insurance.  People at insurance companies examine what typical insurance claims look like for different age groups and a number of claims each age group typically files. If you are younger you may partake in riskier behavior. Older people though may be more negligent about general maintenance and upkeep on the home. Just like with other types of insurance, expect the home insurance premiums to fluctuate with age.

Home insurance can be difficult to understand, but luckily for Richardson, TX residence, the experts at Allegiance Insurance Agency can help. Whether you are looking for new insurance or are looking to update your current home insurance, we are here to assist.