Must I go through a medical examination when I buy life insurance? Do I have to incur the costs?

Applying for life insurance can mean that it is necessary to obtain a medical examination, but the type of policy and the insurer can have different rules regarding the process of applying for coverage. Depending on the type of policy that you are considering, it may or may not be necessary to obtain a medical examination.

Policy Types

There are several policy types that are available: a term-life policy, whole-life policies and even guaranteed policies. Many term-life plans will require a medical exam to ensure that you do not have any per-existing conditions or major risks to your life and health. Whole-life policies may vary in the options that are available, so some insurers may not require an exam.

A guaranteed-life policy is usually the most expensive option, but insurers may not require an exam in Connecticut.

Costs of the Exam

When a medical examination is required for the coverage, the insurer will usually handle the costs because they require an independent professional to handle the situation. It is not enough to go to your family doctor for the exam; instead, an independent doctor or medical professional will come to you or meet you in a medical facility that is given by the insurer.

Some insurers may not require a medical exam, but they may ask for some medical details and your historical data when you are applying for the policy.

Many insurers require that you get an exam before you qualify for coverage. Depending on the insurer, the process and requirements associated with the exam may vary. Contact us to talk to an agent for more details about your options and the processes associated with applying for a life insurance policy.