Is RV Insurance Necessary?

Driving a recreational vehicle can be a great way to tour the country.  if you do end up purchasing an RV, you will be making a major purchase that needs to be properly protected by insurance. For those that are in the Richardson, TX area and are looking for an RV insurance policy, there are several factors to consider to ensure they are in compliance and are properly protected.

State Requirements

Those that own and operate an RV in Texas will be required by law to follow the same minimum liability requirements as all motorists.  If you plan on taking your RV out on the road at any time, you will be required to carry minimum property damage liability coverage of at least $5,000 per incident as well as bodily injury liability coverage of at least $15,000 per person with a $30,000 incident cap. These types of insurance coverage will provide coverage to other drivers on the road and will not provide you or your assets with any coverage.


When you are looking for a new RV insurance policy, it is also important that you consider any requirements set forth by your lender.  If you took out a loan to purchase the RV you will need to have an insurance policy in place for the length of time that your RV loan is in place.  This policy will require both collision and comprehensive coverage.

For those that own an RV in the Richardson, TX area, contact the Allegiance Insurance Agency could be a great option.  Allegiance Insurance Agency will be able to provide Richardson, TX area RV owners with further insight into what the requirements for insurance are and what type of policy they should get on their RV.