General Liability Insurance: Why Your Business Needs It

There is a certain level of risk associated with owning a business in Richardson, TX, and because of this, it is imperative you have general liability insurance coverage. This particular form of commercial insurance will help keep your business in operation when a disaster occurs while also protecting you in the event someone sues your business. Keep reading to learn more about general liability insurance offered by Allegiance Insurance Agency.

What Is Covered?

When faced with a lawsuit, things can get expensive very fast. In the event you are sued by an individual as a result of property damage, bodily injury, etc., you will be responsible for the associated legal costs.

The good news is that general liability insurance offers to fund these expenses. It will also cover the damages, medical expenses, etc. Without general liability insurance coverage, you would need to pay for all these expenses out of your own pocket.

What Isn’t Covered?

Like all types of insurance, general liability coverage will not cover everything related to your business. For instance, it will not cover auto collisions, even if they were caused by a member of your staff during work hours. A commercial vehicle policy would be necessary for this protection.

It also will not pay for work-related injuries, as this would be workers’ compensation. Further, general liability insurance doesn’t cover damage to your property, as property insurance would provide this type of protection.

Do I Need It?

Ultimately, every business owner in any industry should invest in a general liability insurance policy. You could be faced with a lawsuit any day of the week, and accidents can happen at any time and anywhere, regardless of the safety measures you may take.

The needs of every business owner in Richardson, TX will be different, so when you need help determining the amount of general liability coverage you need as well as any other insurance coverage, contact Allegiance Insurance Agency.