Expect the Unexpected with Home Insurance that Covers Injuries

It could be that a visitor tripped and fell on your property, chipping two teeth. Perhaps you’ve just put in a swimming pool. It might even be that you foster rescued dogs. For today’s sometimes clumsy world, it pays to be certain of your home insurance coverage. Contact our independent agents today at Allegiance Insurance Agency and we can discuss your unique home situation and the concerns you may have. Serving the Plano, TX. area, we can set your mind at ease. We might find you some great discounts on home insurance. We can clear up any concerns you have about protecting your home and the people on your property. Not only can we access insurance policies from multiple providers to assure you of the best coverage at the best rates, but we can offer advice about avoiding injuries and lawsuits.

Many people don’t exactly understand what their home insurance coverage includes. For instance, swimming pools require a separate insurance policy from standard home insurance. Some policy providers set conditions on ownership of certain dog breeds. A home owner might never have considered adding more substantial coverage to their home to reduce the financial risk of potential lawsuits. Our experience and up-to-date knowledge of home insurance coverage policies can bring you savings and peace of mind. Here in the Plano, TX. area we understand common sense, and common sense usually involves protecting our hard earned property, lifestyle, and financial standing. At Allegiance Insurance Agency we can assist home owners who want to make sure they’ve covered potential threats to their home and financial security. Use the convenient online quote tool on our website to do your own research, or call  us at 972-424-0700.