Dog Safety In Plano: Tips You Need To Know

When you have a dog in Plano, Texas, you want to focus on dog safety. While there is a lot that you probably do for your dog on a daily basis, the summer months can be especially tough. Following a few tips can go a long way to ensuring that your dog is safe, healthy, and happy throughout summer.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Dogs can get dehydrated very easily. Ensure that they are drinking plenty of water, and during the summer months, you may also want to mix some wet food into the dry food that they eat just as a way of adding hydration. Whenever the two of you go outside, bring a bottle of water just for your dog so that he can cool down whenever he starts to pant too much.

Protect the Paws

Pavements can get extremely hot during the summer because it retains the heat of the sun. You should always protect the paws of your dog in some way. There are adhesive paw pads and booties that you can find for your dog to wear whenever the two of you go outside.

Never Leave a Dog in a Car

If you have ever gotten into a car after it has been sitting in the parking lot for a while, you know that it can be sweltering inside. Leaving your dog inside of a parked car is dangerous because of all of the hot air. As your dog pants within the enclosed space, that warm breath stays inside, and this can create even higher temperatures.

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