Does It Matter Which Company Underwrites My Insurance Policy?

As you shop for insurance in Richardson, TX, it’s important to look at who is the underwriter. While there are plenty of companies that will provide policies in Texas, it does matter.

Financial Integrity

One of the first reasons to care about your underwriter is due to financial integrity. Some insurance companies have a better financial outlook. You don’t want to get into a situation where you work with a company with a low rating. It could make it difficult for a claim to be paid on time. Additionally, some companies that struggle with their finances may do everything they can to prevent your claim from being accepted.


Reading the reviews of insurance companies can tell you more about what to expect with them. Plenty of reviews can be found online from others who have experience with the company. They can tell you how the customer service is, how the rates are compared to other companies, and much more. If there are a lot of negative reviews, it identifies that you should proceed with caution.

What’s Available

You also want to look at what’s covered by your insurance policy. Allegiance Insurance Agency can work with you to determine what needs to be included in your policy. This includes exploring any riders that make sense for your individual situation. Whether you’re buying home insurance, auto insurance, or any other coverage, you need to make sure that your policy includes everything that will provide you with the necessary financial protection.

The agents at Allegiance Insurance Agency can show you the different underwriters that are available based on the type of insurance that you’re shopping for in Richardson, TX. Don’t assume that the lowest premium is the best option. The company that underwriters your insurance policy does matter and our agents will explain why.