Do Barber Shops Need Commercial Insurance

Many barbershops operate under a Business Owner’s Policy. This type of insurance can be of the utmost value. Let’s take a closer look at why barber shops need insurance. 

Commercial insurance tends to come with some form of general liability. It helps protect the shop from certain lawsuits, including those related to injuries taking place on the business’ premises. Take for instance that a client slips and falls due to a slippery floor in the barber shop. Insurance will be of the utmost value in this kind of circumstance. Some commercial insurance policies will even provide coverage if a barber performs house calls and an injury is sustained while performing services of the business’ premises. You will need to speak with a qualified agent to learn more about the specifics of your policy and what it does and does not cover. 

Commerical insurance also helps protect the equipment and supplies that a barbershop owns. From theft to loss of supplies in a fire, commercial insurance usually provides various types of coverage that can apply in a variety of events. Once again, to learn more about the specifics of your commercial insurance for your barber shop, you will need to speak with an agent. Make sure that you ask about commercial insurance covering your business income. For example, if something happens to your shop due to vandalism and you can’t operate for an extended period of time, you will want protection in place for your income to help you get by while your business’ doors are not open. 

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