Defining Pre-Existing Conditions

In life, there are no guarantees. The only thing we can be certain of is that our things will constantly change.  From the day we born we are growing older by the second. As we grow older our bodies undergo physical changes in order to allow for new growth.  At times the change may not be easy and we might get sick. Other times we may get injured in the process of doing something. With all this change it can be hard to keep up. Most of the time our insurance will cover the cost of medical expenses, but with things constantly changing in healthcare reform it can be hard to know if an injury or illness will be covered. That is why the agents at Allegiance Insurance Agency want to help the people of Richardson, TX by providing information about pre-existing conditions.    

Chances are most of us have heard the term pre-existing condition but few will understand what it actually means. For those who don’t know, a pre-existing condition is a medical condition that you developed before the start of your current health policy.  Before the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, insurance companies denied people coverage for reasons from everything from Adult Acne to Cancer. Two years after Obama was first elected the No Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion was enforced. After that time, it became possible for people with pre-existing conditions to find healthcare.  

As time passed things continued to change in the healthcare industry. Right now, in 2018 we are under a different president. Options for people needing individual insurance are few, and even harder to find for people with pre-existing conditions. There are a few options out there so Allegiance Insurance Agency wants Richardson, TX to know that they are out there if they need help.