The Comprehensiveness of a Standard Commercial Insurance Policy

Commercial insurance helps Richardson, TX, companies stay in operation when faced with severe complications. Thankfully, we at Allegiance Insurance Agency can provide you with a standard policy that can keep you as safe as possible from serious financial loss or even potential lawsuit situations that may develop for your company at any time.

Liability Protection

Did somebody slip and fall at your business or experience other types of physical or emotional damage due to your business? If so, you need to make sure that you talk to your insurance provider right away. Your commercial policy should cover any liability concerns, including paying medical payments, various types of emotional damage issues, and anything else that your company may need.

Financial Loss Coverage

Did your business shuts down due to outside influences due to natural disasters? Or did you have to close down to upgrade your business to meet safety guidelines? Whatever may cause your company to close, you need compensation to stay in operation. This long-term protection will ensure that you get compensated for these problems.  

Employee and Customer Protection

Your employees and customers deserve a high level of protection. For example, your insurance policy can protect them against financial losses caused by missing work. It can also protect your customers from any common hacking dangers or other types of monetary concerns. In this way, you can keep them as safe as possible and minimize the risks of lawsuits and other kinds of problems.

We Can Help You

If you live in Richardson, TX, and want insurance to protect your business, contact us at Allegiance Insurance Agency to learn more about your options. Our team will work with you to identify the more comprehensive insurance option for your needs and ensure that you are satisfied.

How Commercial Insurance Protects Your Employees

Richardson, TX businesses need high-quality commercial insurance policies to avoid a broad range of serious complications. At Allegiance Insurance Agency, we can provide you with coverage that will not only protect your bottom line but keep your employees safe from many problems as well.

Ways Your Policy Helps Your Employees

Commercial insurance policies are vital because they provide a wide net of protection that covers your whole company. And if you are protected, your employees are as well. Here are a few different ways your commercial insurance can help your employees.

  • Minimizes Lawsuit Risks – The danger of lawsuits is the financial and reputation impact that can cause your company. Thankfully, insurance helps by providing payment for your damages.
  • Helps Repair Damaged Equipment – Did your equipment get damaged, and did your workers feel uncomfortable handling it? Your policy may cover it, depending on the situation.
  • Keeps You Open After Disasters – Your workers rely on your business and your money to stay financially secure. Insurance can help minimize the risk of severe financial issues.
  • Pays Wages With Work Stoppage – If you’re struggling to stay open due to a severe issue, your insurance may pay your workers’ wages to keep them financially solvent.

These are just a few of the ways that your policy may help you. If you work hard to tweak your coverage and make it as comprehensive as possible, you could protect yourself and your firm from the kind of issues that would otherwise close companies like yours.

Give Us the Chance to Help You

If you have a commercial insurance policy that doesn’t meet your needs for your Richardson, TX business, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Allegiance Insurance Agency to learn more. Our team of professionals will work with you to ensure that your policy makes sense.

Texas Commercial Insurance: How to Know Your Business Needs Cybersecurity Insurance

When you are running a business, you want your commercial insurance to cover every possible scenario. That goes beyond liabilities that you will have to cover.

At Allegiance Insurance Agency, we know that Richardson, TX business owners are at risk of cyber attacks every day. We can help you to learn whether or not your business needs cybersecurity insurance. 

Consider these cybersecurity insurance tips before you get a quote.

Why Get Cybersecurity Insurance

Every business is at risk of data exposure in today’s world. Whether an external threat from a hacker or personal enemy is on the rise, or your internal threats are unmanageable, cybersecurity insurance is the answer.
The impact of a breach from a hack or data leak could be one you can not recover from. 

Cybersecurity insurance is important for any business. If data is a part of your business, you need it. In other words, if you have a network of computers that operate your day-to-day functions, you need cybersecurity insurance. 

The Costs of a Data Breach

A data breach can cost a business both downtime and lost income. The average business is down from three to five days when there is a cybersecurity incident. During that time, you will still have to operate payroll and meet your other business needs.

Some small businesses can manage these problems with a line of credit, but that is only a Band-Aid solution. You still have the cost of the data loss. If too much time passes, or your customers find out which they will, you will have further losses. 

Cybersecurity insurance is protection for those scenarios, and the multitude of others that could happen should a hack occur. These risks are getting more common every day.

Update Commercial Insurance With Cybersecurity Insurance

When you are running a business in Richardson, TX, you want to have the most thorough commercial insurance policy possible. At Allegiance Insurance Agency, we can help to update your policy to include protection from cyberattacks. Call us for a quote today.

Insuring Your Classic Car in Richardson, TX

Do you have a classic or collector’s vehicle in Richardson, TX? Have you thought about classic car insurance? While classic car insurance might sound like a new terminology, it functions similar to your standard auto insurance but with a few differences.

Need to find out how classic car insurance works? Allegiance Insurance Agency is here to guide you.

What is a classic car?

People have different opinions about what constitutes a classic car, but generally, a classic car refers to any vehicle manufactured before 1990. So a 1957 Corvette or a 1932 Ford Roadster qualifies to be a classic vehicle. To note is that classic cars don’t only refer to cars only. The below categories can fall under classic car insurance. These include:

  • Trucks
  • Antique cars
  • Antique bikes
  • Exotic and muscle cars
  • Classic military vehicles
  • Custom and race cars

What’s unique about classic car insurance?

Just like your standard auto insurance, classic car insurance includes typical coverages like liability, comprehensive, collision, uninsured, and collision coverages. However, when it comes to compensating you in case of a total loss, that’s where there is a difference. You see, unlike your standard vehicle that depreciates from the moment you drive off the lot, a classic car appreciates in value. With this in mind, you need a special insurance policy – classic car insurance – that protects the actual value of your vehicle.

And speaking of compensation, you need to understand the below values regarding classic cars:

  • Agreed value: This is a predetermined dollar amount between you and your insurance company. In case of a total loss, you are paid this amount less the deductibles.
  • Stated value: This is the amount (with documentation support) you tell the insurer that your classic car is worth.

If confused about the best value for your classic car, the agreed value is the best as it cushions you from any financial loss when your vehicle is totaled.

Buy classic car insurance today!

Are you looking for an affordable classic car insurance plan in Richardson, TX? Please contact Allegiance Insurance Agency for a competitive quote.

Let Allegiance Insurance Agency Help with RV Insurance

There is nothing that feels more like freedom than hitting the road behind the wheel of your RV.  Once you set out for your trip, you understand that that vehicle you are driving is capable of serving all of your household needs until you get back home.  Understanding this advantage, however, you also know that you can definitely use some help out there in the event something goes awry with you are out and about on your travels.

Let Allegiance Insurance Agency Help with RV Insurance

For Richardson, TX travelers looking for that added layer of protection of RV insurance, Allegiance Insurance Agency has answers to your questions and solutions for adequately insuring your recreational vehicle insurance.  Some considerations when inquiring about RV insurance includes:

  • Liability protection—protects you against the statistical possibility that you may be involved in an accident.  This form of coverage protects against medical expenses, property damage, and any associated legal costs,
  • Protect personal property—that might be in your RV.  In case of theft, fire or similar peril, RV insurance can help replace and damaged or stolen item,
  • Coverage to safeguard assets—offers protection for what can become a significant personal asset.  Ask your agent about how comprehensive coverage can protect against an array of potential perils,
  • Off-season coverage—protects your RV when it comes time to get off the road and store it for the season.  Storage coverage, roadside assistance, and emergency response services can all be covered under RV insurance.

Contact the Richardson, TX Insurance Agency You Can Trust

If you are concerned with assuring that your toys are adequately protected, let Allegiance Insurance Agency help with your RV insurance.  Serving the greater Richardson, TX area, our team here at Allegiance Insurance is standing by to answer any questions regarding your unique RV situation.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Required in Texas?

You are excited to jump on your new motorcycle and head down the highway but before you do, there is one thing you need first: motorcycle insurance. The agents at the Allegiance Insurance Agency in Richardson, TX are highlighting the importance of insurance coverage for your motorcycle.

In Texas, motorcycle insurance is a requirement. All drivers, including motorcyclists, need to have at least a minimum liability insurance policy in place to cover both bodily injuries as well as property damage that is caused by an accident.

Even if you have the minimum coverage in place, there are other motorcycle insurance options you should be aware of that will provide you and your bike with more coverage in the event that a catastrophe occurs.

Underinsured or Uninsured Coverage

This type of motorcycle insurance offers you protection if you are involved in an accident with someone who is underinsured or does not have an auto or motorcycle insurance policy in place at all.

Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance

If you borrowed money from a bank or other lender to purchase your motorcycle, you will probably be required to obtain comprehensive motorcycle insurance coverage. Most lenders will want you to have both collision and comprehensive coverage on your bike to ensure that your it is protected in the event of a fire, fire, vandalism, or natural disasters, such as a tornado or ice storm. This type of coverage will also help pay to have your bike replaced if it is stolen.

Collision Motorcycle Insurance

Collision motorcycle insurance coverage will pay for any damages to your bike if you are involved in a collision with another vehicle or an object of some sort. For example, if you hit a guardrail with your bike, this part of your motorcycle insurance policy will cover the repairs or replacement of your bike as well as any damages to the guardrail.

To get your policy started, contact the motorcycle insurance agents at the Allegiance Insurance Agency in Richardson, TX today!

What Safety Equipment Do I Need on My Boat?

Boat owners in Richardson, TX know there is nothing quite like spending the day on the boat with friends and family. However, it is essential to have all the necessary safety equipment on your boat when going out boating. Being prepared with safety equipment helps ensure your day on the boat is a fun, exciting, and safe adventure. In addition to having all the safety equipment on board, it is recommended to carry boaters insurance. For additional information about boaters insurance, call the experts at Allegiance Insurance Agency. 

Boat Safety Kit

An emergency boat safety kit ensures you are prepared for any situation which may arise on the boat. Your boat safety kit should include: 

  • Flashlights
  • Duct tape
  • A bucket
  • First aid kit
  • Whistle
  • Ropes
  • Mirror (to reflect light as a signal)
  • Garbage Bags
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Radio with additional batteries

Life Jackets

It would be best if you had a life jacket for each person onboard your boat. By law, life jackets must be U.S. Coast Guard approved and need to be on your boat. Select life jackets to support the weight and height of those who ride the boat with you. Additionally, most states require children to wear life jackets at all times when on a boat. 

Boat Safety Checks

Take your boat in for a safety check with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary or the United States Power Squadrons. These organizations offer free vessel safety checks and offer advice on ensuring your boat and your passengers are safe. 

Boating Safety Course

There are several online courses available, some free, providing boating safety information. Look into taking a boating safety course to ensure you practice safe boating skills when out on the water.

When out boating in Richardson, TX it is important to follow safe boating practices and have all the safety equipment you need onboard. Don’t forget to call Allegiance Insurance Agency today to discuss boaters insurance options available. 

3 Benefits of Health Insurance

Medical emergencies are unpredictable and can wipe out all your savings if not well planned. With rising medical costs, people have started embracing the importance of having a health insurance policy. But what is health insurance? Well, it’s an agreement where an insurance agent compensates the insured for medical expenses if they fall sick or get involved in an accident that may lead to hospitalization. To that end, having a health insurance plan can protect you and your family in times of such circumstances. 

Unfortunately, approximately 30.4 million Americans don’t have a health insurance plan. While some may cite financial reasons, others don’t see why they should have a health insurance plan. Here are the benefits you miss out on when you fail to buy a health insurance plan from Allegiance Insurance Agency of Richardson, TX. 

Prevents illnesses

How does health insurance prevent illnesses? With the policy, it’s easier for you to access routine health care. It pays for your annual check-ups, scans, vaccinations, and lab work that play a crucial role in keeping you healthy. Besides, early intervention is crucial in increasing the chances of prognosis for deadly diseases. 

Protects your savings

Let’s face it. You don’t want to deal with medical costs when you are ill. However, health care can turn out to be very expensive. For instance, emergency care, surgery, lab work, and drug prescription can add up very fast and leave you bankrupt or wipe out all your savings.

A health insurance plan helps you navigate your medical bills even when you don’t have cash in your pocket.

Safeguards your family

You can get a health insurance plan that includes your entire family, including your children, spouse, and even your aging parents, who are more vulnerable to illnesses. Should anything happen that requires medical attention, you rest assured knowing the policy will foot the bill. 

Health insurance in Richardson, TX

Anything offering protection to you from being financially handicapped in case of an unfortunate event is a no-brainer. Health insurance provides such protection. Ready for your health insurance plan? Contact us at Allegiance Insurance Agency for an affordable quote.

Pros and Cons of Life Insurance

The decision to purchase life insurance is a significant one and should not be taken lightly. Those considering purchasing a life insurance policy to protect their family or save for retirement must compare their options. We understand the importance of life insurance for Richardson, TX families, and our agents, Allegiance Insurance Agency, are ready to help you with your decision.

Here are some of the pros and cons of purchasing life insurance: 

Benefits of Life Insurance

Life insurance policies provide a foundation for a financial plan. Though life insurance policies differ, they all offer similar benefits to those who purchase them. Some of those benefits include: 

  • Budget-Friendly: With many life insurance policies and plans to choose from, it is possible to find one to fit within your budget. 
  • Family Protection: The death benefit is the most popular benefit of life insurance. If someone dies, the life insurance policy pays the death benefit to the insured’s beneficiary. 
  • Financial Planning: Life insurance can be used to save for future events, such as medical bills, debt, or funeral expenses. 
  • Peace-of-Mind: Life insurance provides peace of mind that your family can financially survive should you unexpectedly die.
  • Tax Benefits: Life insurance from an employer-sponsored plan is typically tax-free, allowing you to reinvest the cash value with no tax implications. 

Disadvantages of Life Insurance

Though purchasing life insurance has many benefits, you should be aware of the disadvantages before buying your policy. Below are some of those disadvantages: 

  • Costs: Depending upon your age and overall health, insurance policies can get expensive. Whole life insurance is the most costly policy to purchase. 
  • Sales Commission: Some insurance agents look for larger commissions and sell you policies you do not need. 
  • Weak Investment Returns: Though life insurance policies are a safe investment, other investment opportunities are available with a higher return. 

With information about both advantages and disadvantages, you are ready to weigh out your options before purchasing a life insurance policy. Those in Richardson, TX, who still have questions about life insurance policies need to reach out to Allegiance Insurance Agency today to discuss options and benefits. 

Commercial Insurance Add-ons to Consider

From the day you commenced operating your business venture in Richardson, TX you are vulnerable to inherent risks. Ranging from lawsuits, accidents to natural calamities, your business operates in a volatile environment. For this concern, you need outstanding commercial insurance to shield your business when unexpected strikes. Luckily, businesses have a lot of commercial insurance coverages to select from. Here are commercial insurance add-ons to consider for your business, according to Allegiance Insurance Agency.

Workers’ comp insurance

The state of Texas doesn’t advocate for commercial insurance as a legal requirement to operate a business. Nevertheless, its imperative for business owners to consider this form of it’s policy if they have part-time or full-time employees to safeguard them from work-related injuries and general ailments. Workers’ comp insurance cushions your most precious assets(employees) by settling their medical bills, partial loss of income, and funeral expenses, following the occurrence of work-related-injuries or sicknesses.

Liability insurance

The environment that we undertake our business activities is litigious. For this reason, investing in liability insurance is pivotal, since one liability claim, like a lawsuit, can harness devastating financial constraints. Liability coverage safeguards your business venture against bodily injury, advertising injury, and property damage from third parties. When this is done, it suppresses the possibility of using business resources to settle liability claims.

Cyber liability coverage

Internet usage in any business venture accords many benefits, but it’s also susceptible to the increased upsurge in cyber attacks. Cyber insurance safeguards your business, mainly if it’s online-based.This policy assists in mitigating the financial burden related to cyber-related crimes.

Business interruption insurance

If unexpected catastrophic events strike, your business operations are likely to be disrupted. During this specific period, your business will suffer lost income due to the shutdown or scaling down operations. Business interruption insurance compensates a business entity for its lost income during these situations.

Are you a business owner in Richardson, TX searching for outstanding commercial insurance to protect yourself, your employees, and your business? Contact Allegiance Insurance Agency today to buy affordable commercial insurance matching your needs and budget.