Are You Prepared for a Home Emergency?

It is definitely not something that homeowners wish for but it is something that you should prepare for. In Plano, TX, you never know when disaster may strike. When it does, are you prepared for it? Can you survive in your home for a few days without being able to leave? If you do not have an emergency kit set up already, then it is time to get one started. Use this list from Allegiance Insurance Agency to get you started:

  • Food. You need to have food if you are not going to be able to leave your home for a few days. Make sure you have food that is non-perishable and that you do not have to cook it to eat it. 
  • Water. You also need to have water to survive. Make sure you have at least one gallon per day per person. The more people who live in your home, the more you will need. You should try to have at least three days’ worth of both food and water. 
  • First aid kit. This is important to have in case there are any minor injuries. You can get a good one from your local store and keep it in a secure place. Make sure it is always fully stocked in case you need it. 

You not only need to have a home emergency kit set up for your home but you also need to have a great home insurance policy. If you do not already have one in place, be sure to contact Allegiance Insurance Agency serving Plano, TX for a free quote and to explore your options. If you do already have a policy, they can take a look to make sure you are not paying too much and that you do not have gaps in coverage. 

Top 3 Interior Home Inspections to Make This Fall

Fall is a good opportunity to take a look around the home for needed repairs. The kids have returned to school, which leaves more time to inspect without interruptions. Moreover, the chilly fall weather in Plano, TX can be a guide as to just how prepared your home is for the upcoming winter.

While checking things inside the home, also contact the friendly professionals at Allegiance Insurance Agency. It is always best to have insurance coverage adequate enough to take care of household needs in the case of an emergency.

Without further ado, here are the top three home interior inspections to make this fall.

1. Window Panes

Always check your window panes in the fall to ensure that they have no cracks. These perforations will allow in the wintry cold. Consequently, your utilities bill can be much higher than expected.

If you experience any drafts coming from the window panes during the fall, go ahead and fill the gaps with a caulk filling. Also consider covering windows with plastic, which is an economical means of conserving heat.

2. Attics

These large spaces above our living quarters must have adequate insulation. If not, you can expect to feel cold breezes on some fall nights and throughout the winter months.

Choose from the many available types of insulation, including fiberglass, foam, natural fiber and wool. These materials are virtual blankets that keep your attic snug even on the chilliest Plano, TX  nights.

3. Doors

Doors that open to the exterior can let the cold in and heat out. Look for any gaps along the frame. Be sure to fill these spaces, either with something temporary, such as a towel, or a permanent seal.

Get Started Securing Your Home Today

Fall is the time to begin securing your home interior. With summer over, you need to prepare for the colder temperatures.

In addition, you should have insurance coverage to pay for any accidents that may occur to you, your family or property. To get started, contact the compassionate team at Allegiance Insurance Agency to discuss the best policy for you. Begin right now by checking the convenient online quote tool to learn just how much you can save.




Why You Need Home Insurance

Home insurance is something that every homeowner should have, whether they are required to have it or not. It is something that can be very beneficial in a variety of circumstances and something that you will not regret purchasing, especially if you need it. These are the main reasons you should consider home insurance according to Allegiance Insurance Agency serving Plano, TX.

  • You should want to protect your biggest investment. For most people, the purchase of a home is the biggest investment they will have. If you are going to spend money to purchase a home, it only makes sense to purchase home insurance to protect it.
  • It can save you a lot of money in the long run. If you happen to have a terrible incident in your home, home insurance can help you pay for the repairs or even a full rebuild of your home. Even though home insurance may cost you a monthly fee, it still saves you a lot of money if you ever need it.
  • It can help replace your belongings. Not only will your home insurance help pay for the repairs of your home, but it can also help pay for the replacement of any belongings that may have been stolen or lost to a fire, for example.
  • It gives you peace of mind. There is nothing better than knowing that your biggest investment is safe no matter what. Having a home insurance policy can make all the difference and help you sleep better at night. You will have a roof over your head no matter what with a home insurance policy.

If you would like to explore your options, get a quote, or take a look at your current policy, be sure to contact Allegiance Insurance Agency serving Plano, TX, today.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters

Cleaning gutters is not a chore anyone looks forward to. It can be a pain to drag the ladder out and a hassle to dig leaves and debris out of the trough. However, it is highly recommended that you clean your gutters at least one time per year, and more if needed because of excessive debris. Learning the importance of cleaning your gutters may make this terrible chore seem like less of a hassle.

Gutters Help Prevent Foundation Problems

One of the reasons why it is important to keep gutters free of debris is because they can prevent foundation problems. They channel water away from your home, rather than letting it fall directly on your foundation. If the gutters overflow, they land on the foundation of your home.

Gutters Help Prevent Water Damage to Siding

Another reason why it is important to clean gutters is they help prevent water damage to your siding. When gutters get too filled, they can collapse, crack or break. This causes water to hit the siding of your home, which can lead to water damage.

Gutters Help Flow Water Off Your Roof

The last reason it is important to clean gutters is that the gutters help water flow off your roof. If the gutters are full, water may puddle on the roof. Or worse, can freeze in the trough, causing an ice dam to form. Both of these are damaging to roofs and can cause them to need to be replaced sooner than otherwise would be needed.

Your gutters can help prevent issues that may cause you to have to file a homeowner’s insurance claim. For those interested in obtaining a new homeowner’s insurance quote in the Plano, TX area, or those who want to learn more about optional coverages, contact Allegiance Insurance. We can help you obtain the right policy based on your budgets and needs. Give us a call today to get started.


Items In Your Home That You Should Be Recycling

Recycling has become a big part of our world. Many people are beginning to advocate for recycling and it is a great way to help your community and the world as a whole. If you are already someone who recycles, then there may be even more you can do that you are unaware of. There are many items in the home that you can recycle. Read our list to see if there is anything that you may have that you can recycle and do some good for the world today. Be sure to contact us at Allegiance Insurance Agency for all of your insurance needs or to review your current homeowners insurance policy.


Plastic is something that you should always recycle. If you drink bottled water or drink milk from a plastic jug, then you can recycle the items instead of throwing them away.


Aluminum is found in soda cans and other like items. You can rinse out the soda cans and recycle them at your local recycling center. 


All paper should be recycled, even paper that you may have shredded. There are places you can take shredded paper for recycling. paper includes newspaper, bills, and any other paper product in your home.


Glass is something that people may not use very often but it is something that takes a long time to decompose. That is why it is important to recycle all glass in your home instead of throwing it out. 


Something you may not realize you can recycle are batteries. Instead of throwing out old batteries, try to find a place that will take them and recycle them for you. This is even true for cell phone batteries and other electronic batteries. 

3 Reasons Why Home Insurance Is Important

It is important to explore home insurance in Plano, Texas. While it is not required by the state, it may be required by your mortgage lender – and it is going to help you in a wide range of ways. It’s certainly worth the investment, and comparisons can be made to ensure you get an affordable premium.

Protect Your Property

Your property needs to be protected at all times. With home insurance, your dwelling will be covered – and this may include additional buildings on your property, such as a shed, secondary garage, or a barn. When you explore homeowners insurance coverage levels, it is simply a matter of identifying all of your property in order to ensure that coverage is in place.

Protect Your Assets

There may be a number of assets within your home. This can include furniture, jewelry, art, and much more. It’s possible to establish a list of the assets so that you are covered on everything. This way, if there is ever a break-in and the items are stolen, you may be able to obtain cash value for everything that is included within your policy. Additionally, if any of these items are damaged, it may be possible to have them replaced.

Ensure Your Home is in Good Condition

If something happens to your home, such as something being burned or shingles falling off of your roof, you want to make sure that your home is always in good condition. Instead of paying for all of these repairs on your own, you can file a claim with the insurance company and have them make the repairs.

Call one of our independent insurance agents at Allegiance Insurance Agency  today. We can talk to you about home insurance, what your options are, and get quotes from some of the top companies around Texas.



How to Safeguard the House You Are House Sitting

In the United States, it’s estimated that burglaries of homes account for nearly 74% of all burglary instances per the Federal Bureau of Investigations. If you are a house sitter, then you don’t want to be a sitting duck if an intruder attempts to enter the home you are in while sitting. The following are some ways you can safeguard the home you are house sitting.

Safety Tip #1. Secure every door and window in the home.

The windows and doors of a home offer intruders an easy way into the space. You shouldn’t make it hard for them. You must lock each window and door consistently, to ensure safety.

Safety Tip #2. Make intruders trigger the alarm.

Intruders love operating in the shadows. If you don’t engage your security system, you give the cover. Whether you are in the home or not, you should always have the alarm engaged on every potential entry point in the home you are house sitting.

Safety Tip #3. Don’t flaunt that you are home alone.

Although house sitting can be a joy, you don’t want to flaunt that you are home alone. Being home alone can make you an easy target, and you never want an intruder to get an idea. When you come to the home and when you leave, do so inconspicuously. By keeping your movements secret, someone watching the home you are house sitting won’t know when you are home or not.

At Allegiance Insurance Agency, we hear stories of burglary all the time. We want to ensure that you are taking every opportunity to safeguard you and the house you are sitting.

We offer a line of insurance products to help you protect your family, including car insurance for when you travel to and from the houses you house sit.


Don’t Let Your Jack-O-Lanterns Pull a Trick This Halloween

Carving pumpkins is a longstanding Halloween tradition. It’s almost as anticipated as trick-or-treating. While generally safe, accidents can happen anytime knives and open flames are being used. Heed these basic safety tips, and make sure your jack-o-lanterns don’t pull a trick on you this Halloween.

General Jack-O-Lantern Safety

Staying safe while carving pumpkins just requires a little common sense. It’s easy to forget about even simple safety precautions, though, when you’re having fun with family and friends. No matter how hectic your home is with Halloween activities this October, make sure you:

  • have child-safe carving knives on hand for kids (and perhaps adults) to use
  • supervise children whenever they have a knife — even if it’s child-safe
  • put battery-powered lights, instead of candles, in your finished jack-o-lanterns

Home Insurance Coverage

If something does happen while carving jack-o-lanterns, you’ll want to make sure you’re covered by your home insurance policy. Your home insurance policy may cover some jack-o-lantern related accidents, depending on how its coverages are defined. To see what types of accidents your policy covers, check the terms and conditions on its liability coverage.

If your home insurance doesn’t give you as much protection as you’d like, contact us at Allegiance Insurance Agency. We have experienced insurance agents who are licensed in Texas. They can help you with your home insurance needs if you live in Plano, TX.

In just a few moments, our agents can pull up several home insurance quotes for you, which they’ll be happy to help you compare with your current coverage. To get in touch with one of our agents, contact us online or by phone. Just be sure to get in touch before you start carving pumpkins if you want coverage for jack-o-lantern related accidents.



Prep Your BBQ for Summer Fun

Grilling can be a lot of fun, and when you are in Plano, Texas, it is important to do so safely. There are several things that you need to know when grilling, and this will protect your home more effectively.

Below are five tips that we have compiled to help you grill in a safer way.

Clean the Grill. Clean the grill on a regular basis. You want to get all dried food, grease, and other things off of the grill to ensure that you don’t experience any kind of flare up.

Check the Tank. If you are using a gas grill, it needs to be checked every so often for leaks as well as for any kind of rust. If the tank is damaged in any way, you will want to get a new one.

Move the Grill. Move the grill at least 20 feet away from the home. You also don’t want to use it under any kind of awning or enclosure.

Keep a Spray Bottle Nearby. Keep a spray bottle filled with water nearby so that you can quickly put out any of the large flare-ups at the grill.

Always Stay Close. You will always want to be close to the grill so that you can get to a problem quickly. It leaves the grill unattended and you go inside, a fire could break out, and you wouldn’t know about it until it is too late.

Grilling is always a lot of fun and you can cook a lot of different foods, but you want to be sure that you are doing so safely as a way of keeping your home well protected.

Call and get homeowner’s insurance quotes today at Allegiance Insurance. We can answer questions and help you find the right policy for your home.


Cleaning Hacks To Clean Your TX Home Faster

Cleaning your home is never an easy task. It seems like it takes forever, and you continue to do the same cleaning over and over again. What if it was easier? There are some cleaning hacks that you will want to implement within your Plano, Texas home to simplify the chores from week to week.

If you hate to do dishes, there are going to be several clever tips to help you clean the grease and grime faster. For example, if you have a lot of baked on food particles on a casserole dish or pan, fill it with hot water and then place a non-toxic dryer sheet inside for an hour before cleaning. You can also use a little hot water and baking soda to work as a paste on cookie sheets and other items that have stains and baked on food.

When you are dusting, it can seem like it is impossible to get the dust up, especially if there are pets in the house. You can use duct tape on furniture to help remove the pet hair and you can use a lint roller on bookshelves and lampshades.

Polishing stainless steel can be difficult, especially when it is in the shower or kitchen. Hard water stains are nearly impossible to get off. If you combine powdered laundry detergent with hot water, it can be applied to all of the stainless steel fixtures for an hour before being rinsed off.

You can find hacks for virtually everything. Whether you have stains on your carpet, dirty kick boards, or anything else, you can find a hack to help clean your home faster. This will allow you to have more time to do the things you want to do.

Learn about homeowner’s insurance and a policy that can protect your home. Call us today at Allegiance Insurance and let one of our agents get quotes for you.