Can an insurance company make you replace your roof in order to renew your home insurance in Allen, Texas?

It may startle you if you receive a letter from your insurance company asking you to replace the roof on your Allen, Texas home before you can renew your insurance. Often, before your insurance company renews your policy, they will send an inspector out to take a look at the outside of your house to insure that it is in good condition. If your roof is not being satisfactorily maintained, your insurance company may request that you make repairs in order to keep your coverage.

How Long Do I have to Repair My Roof ?

In your notice, your insurance company should give you a timeframe. Typically, you will be given at least six months notice to make the requested repairs to your roof. However, if you are in doubt of your deadline, you should contact your insurance company. It is important to be clear on their deadlines so that you make your repairs before they send an inspector back to your house to see if the repairs were made.

What Happens if I Don’t Repair My Roof On Time?

If you don’t think that you can make the repairs within the timeline provided by your insurance company, you should try to negotiate with the company for an extension. If you contact the company far in advance, it increases the change that your insurers will work with you.

If you fail to make the repairs or you don’t meet the timelines set by your insurance company, you risk receiving a notice of nonrenewal. If you receive a notice of nonrenewal, your insurance provider is letting you know that it won’t renew your policy, and you will need to find another insurance company.

How an Independent Insurance Agent Can Help

The cost and hassle of hiring a roofing repair company is part of the reason homeowners may be hesitant to make this important repair. However, your independent agent can help connect you to a reputable company that offers reasonable prices. If you receive a notice of nonrenewal after failing to make the requested repairs on time, your insurance provider can help you find coverage with a new insurance provider before your policy lapses. To keep the status of your homeowners insurance in good standing, contact us today to speak with your independent agent.