Buying a Car as a Present? Get the Right Auto Policy, Too

One of the best presents you can buy for a lot of people would be a car. Especially for a new driver, or someone who really needs a car but doesn’t have the funds to get one, a car can mean a huge amount of freedom that they wouldn’t otherwise have. There’s more to buying a car for a present than just picking something out, paying, and taking it home, though. Cars have to be titled and registered, and they also need to be insured. You can’t go to a dealership in Plano, TX and put a car into someone else’s name, and you generally can’t insure a car that isn’t titled to you.

So, how do you get around this issue? There are several different things you can do. You can take your gift recipient to the dealership with you to buy the car, so it can be titled to – and insured by – them. You can also put the car into your name, insure it, and then transfer title to them after you’ve unveiled your surprise. Texas gives you options when it comes to actually buying the car, and transferring a title in Plano is generally not difficult. You may have fees or taxes that will need to be paid on your gift, though, so it’s important to check that out beforehand.

If you find a personal auto policy through Allegiance Insurance Agency, your agent can help you determine the best way to insure a car that you’re going to be buying as a present. Talk to the agent before you make the purchase, so you can be sure which direction you want to take when it comes to actually buying the car and giving it to your recipient. Then you’ll make the right choice and have the right insurance, too.