Are You Prepared for a Home Emergency?

It is definitely not something that homeowners wish for but it is something that you should prepare for. In Plano, TX, you never know when disaster may strike. When it does, are you prepared for it? Can you survive in your home for a few days without being able to leave? If you do not have an emergency kit set up already, then it is time to get one started. Use this list from Allegiance Insurance Agency to get you started:

  • Food. You need to have food if you are not going to be able to leave your home for a few days. Make sure you have food that is non-perishable and that you do not have to cook it to eat it. 
  • Water. You also need to have water to survive. Make sure you have at least one gallon per day per person. The more people who live in your home, the more you will need. You should try to have at least three days’ worth of both food and water. 
  • First aid kit. This is important to have in case there are any minor injuries. You can get a good one from your local store and keep it in a secure place. Make sure it is always fully stocked in case you need it. 

You not only need to have a home emergency kit set up for your home but you also need to have a great home insurance policy. If you do not already have one in place, be sure to contact Allegiance Insurance Agency serving Plano, TX for a free quote and to explore your options. If you do already have a policy, they can take a look to make sure you are not paying too much and that you do not have gaps in coverage.