How Often Should I Have My Homeowners Policy Reviewed?

Reviewing your homeowners’ policy is a great way to make sure you have the coverage you need at all times. There are several times when performing a review of your policy is beneficial. Talk to one of the agents at Allegiance Insurance Agency if you feel that your policy may be out of date. Richardson, TX residents can get the answers they need whenever they have concerns about their coverage.

Review Any Time There Is a Change in Your Home or Inventory

If you have purchased new appliances, larger furniture groups, or have made extensive renovations, it’s a good idea to contact an agent and have them go over your policy with you. Adding any new items to your video and written inventory is also a must. Always contact your agent any time you purchase new, high-dollar items for your home.

Average Rule of Thumb

On average, the rule of thumb for re-evaluating an existing homeowners’ policy is between two and three years. This is an average time frame. Some agents prefer one year and others may recommend four to five years between evaluations if there have been no large purchases or renovations. Get to know your agent and find out what their preferences are. 

Agents who work for Allegiance Insurance Agency assist homeowners in Richardson, TX who need to have their insurance policy updated. A review of your homeowner’s insurance policy will show the strengths and weaknesses of your policy and what you can do to ensure you have the right amount of coverage. Talk to an agent today to determine if your policy has changed. They have the expertise you can rely on to make sure you have the perfect coverage for your needs.

5 Tips for Driving Safely During Summer Road Trips

A family road trip can be the highlight of your summer. As Texas highways can be quite crowded during the summer, it’s important to practice safe driving habits. These road trip safety tips from Allegiance Insurance Agency can help prevent mishaps that can derail your travels.

Service Your Vehicle

Have your car serviced before traveling to avoid breakdowns far from home. Ask your mechanic to do a thorough checkup to include fluids, battery, brakes, and tires. You should also inspect your signals, wipers and lights before leaving your home in Richardson, TX and getting out on the open highway.

Pack an Emergency Road Kit

You should always pack an emergency road kit for long-distance travel. In addition to a reliable cellphone and charger, your kit should have a first aid kit, flashlight with batteries, jumper cables, flares, basic tools, healthy snacks, drinking water, and blankets.

Stay Vigilant

Road trips can take a lot out of a driver, especially when kids are in the car. Make sure to take regular breaks to stretch your legs, get a bite to eat or grab a cup of coffee. You can also use your breaks to text friends or return calls that came in while you were driving.

Be Mindful of Others

Summer weather in Texas appeals to everyone from pedestrians to motorcyclists to RV drivers. When traveling through small towns, be mindful of others. Stay within speed limits, leave plenty of space between you and other drivers, yield to pedestrians, and always signal when changing lanes to avoid accidents.  

Update Your Auto Insurance

Update your auto insurance to keep it current and relevant to your driving lifestyle. Quality auto coverage will take the stress out of summer driving. To purchase the auto policy you need in Richardson, TX, contact Allegiance Insurance Agency.