3 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of a Home Fire

The agents at Allegiance Insurance Agency know how devastating a home fire can be. It is estimated that a home fire occurs every 86 seconds. This can result in billions of dollars each year. The following tips are meant to help the residents of Richardson, TX avoid being the victim of a house or apartment fire.

Eliminate Extension Cords

Eliminate extension cords and replace them surge strips that are designed to handle more current. Surge strips also protect items from surges of electricity that can blow circuits and damage components. Regular extension cords can be trapped under rugs where they can fray and spark a fire.

Install Smoke Alarms

Homes and apartments should have at least two smoke alarms, one near the kitchen and one in the hallway near the bedrooms. If there is more than one floor, a smoke alarm should be installed on each one for maximum coverage.

Don’t Leave Candles Unattended

Never leave candles or open flames (fireplaces) unattended. If you are leaving, even for a few minutes, blow out the candles and allow the flames in the fireplace to burn down. Unattended candles are often the cause of home fires. It’s important to make sure they are always extinguished before going to bed or leaving a room for an extended period of time.

Richardson, TX residents are encouraged to call the agents of Allegiance Insurance Agency if they want to learn more tips on how to protect their homes from smoke and fire damage. They can make recommendations on ways you can protect your home from various other potential hazards. Schedule a meeting today to learn more.

Ways to Save on Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance in Richardson, TX is a necessity, but finding ways to save can make all the difference.

Drop Full Coverage: You are required to have liability insurance, but if your bike isn’t worth much or is old then you don’t need collision or comprehensive overage. If you do get into an accident and you are not at fault, then the other person’s liability insurance will pay for damages.

Choose a Cheaper Bike: Certain bikes are going to cost more to insure. Sports motorcycles may have a higher premium than traditional road bikes. If you are looking to replace your motorcycle, then you may want to call your insurance company first to see how much more you could be spending with a different bike.

Raise Your Deductible: The more you are willing to pay if you need to file a claim, then the cheaper your premium will be. If you can raise your deductible from $250 to $1000, then you could save up to 20%. Ask your agent what you are paying for your deductible now and how much you could save if you raised it.

Ask about Discounts: Ask an agent at Allegiance Insurance Agency about available discounts. You could get discounts for having anti-theft devices or keeping your bike in a locked garage. You could be surprised to learn you qualify for discounts you never would have thought of.

Infrequent Rider: If you are only a part-time rider, there could be policies for you that will only provide coverage part-time. This is especially great if you aren’t riding in winter due to the weather. However, this may only work if you don’t have a loan on your bike, since your lender may require full coverage at all times.

Contact Allegiance Insurance Agency, serving Richardson, TX, to get a quote on motorcycle insurance.