What Types of Businesses Need Commercial Insurance?

So you’ve just started a small business and are wondering if you need to buy a commercial insurance policy. Or maybe you’ve been sneaking by without a policy and are unsure about whether you need one or not. Allegiance Insurance Agency is here to help business owners in and around Richardson, TX make sense of the commercial insurance world.

If you have any type of business and you are trying to go without commercial insurance, you’re making a big mistake. Commercial insurance can cover things such as property damage, injury, theft, liability, and even business interruption. It can be easy to think that you don’t need commercial insurance if you don’t have any employees or you run your business from home, but that could not be further from the truth. What if your home (your place of business) catches on fire and you need to take a break from your business to get back on your feet? Or what if someone breaks into your studio office and steals all your supplies? Although unfortunate, both of these situations would be much easier to navigate with commercial insurance. In short, the answer to the question of what types of businesses need commercial insurance is every type.

You never know what could happen and when thinking about insurance, you need to plan for the worst. If you’re in the Richardson, TX area and you own a business, talk to an agent at Allegiance Insurance Agency to get started with commercial insurance. Hopefully, the only other time you’ll need to talk to us again will be to expand your policy as your business expands. We hope you never need to make a claim, but if you do, we’ll be here for you.

Should You Keep Your Life Insurance as You Grow Older?

When you were first starting out in life, you were responsible and took out life insurance. After all, who knows if a sudden mishap or illness would take your life and leave your spouse and children alone to fend for themselves? That policy gave you peace of mind that your loved ones would be taken care of if, by chance, you were suddenly no longer there to do that service for them.

Now you’ve gotten a little older. Your kids are grown and have families of their own. You have accumulated a little nest egg. The question that occurs to you, therefore, is whether you still need life insurance.

The short answer that Allegiance Insurance Agency, serving Richardson, TX gives is an emphatic yes.  

The truth is that even at your age you are going to have some final expenses that will have to be paid by your heirs once you are no longer here. If you are taken by an illness such as cancer, you will doubtless have medical expenses that aren’t covered by insurance. You will also have burial costs, which can be expensive depending on how you would like to be memorialized and what your plot looks like. An insurance policy can cover other kinds of debt as well.

Finally, a good insurance policy can augment your spouse’s net worth as he or she begins the journey of life without you. Your spouse will surely have things to pay for, such as long-term care that life insurance can help to cover. You will both have peace of mind that these matters will be taken care of before you pass on.

If you have any questions concerning life insurance, feel free to contact Allegiance Insurance Agency, serving Richardson, TX.