Your Motorcycle Insurance Needs When You Are Not On The Road

Allegiance Insurance Agency located in Richardson, TX makes promises we keep. In other words we pledge allegiance to the protection of our clients. We are the insurance professionals and it is our responsibility to know how we can better serve our clientele. So when it comes to your motorcycle insurance needs, it is imperative that we are on board with the particular needs of each client. 

It is important to carefully review with your Allegiance Insurance Agent every aspect of your motorcycle habits. Many motorcyclists hand in their registration and insurance cards at the end of their riding season. They simply park their bike in the garage and do not intend to ride it again until the next fall. In the case of capturing the road on a warm day during a cold season riders run the risk of incurring heavy fines and penalties.

The spirit of riding your motorcycle is the freedom the experience brings. As a result it is easy to just pick it up when the mood hits. Your agent can sit down with you to review expansions to your motorcycle policy that makes provisions for your every whim while being completely responsible.  Theft of your motorcycle while parked off season is also a consideration that needs to be reviewed.

Allegiance Insurance Agency in Richardson, TX  pledges itself (pun intended) to you and your family’s insurance needs. Offering a myriad of protections tailored to fit your unique lifestyle you will find our agents are well-versed in every insurance product we offer – automobile, homeowner’s, commercial, life, health, boat, motorcycle, RV and Classic Car. Whether you are a current client of ours or you want more information about how we can begin a great relationship call us today at 972-424-0700.  

Does RV Insurance Cover Campers?

Owning a camper is a great way to get away during the hectic work week or to just have a great place to stay that isn’t a pricey hotel. For those that want a camper, insurance is something that they should seriously consider. So does RV insurance cover your camper? For those in the Richardson, TX area, the agents with Allegiance Insurance Agency can help you answer that question.

Your camper and its contents are valuable to you and knowing what type of insurance you need to keep them safe is a must. RV insurance typically only covers RVs. If you want a policy that is going to cover your camper you are going to want to either take out special trailer insurance or you are going to want to list and inventory it on your homeowner’s policy. Your auto policy may also cover some damages if it is damaged while you are on the road but for the most part, your homeowners is going to be your best bet as insurance companies see your camper as an extension of your home.

So what does special trailer insurance cover? It would cover your camper fully but it is also expensive and may be hard to find. It might also not cover everything and can end up being more trouble than it is ultimately worth. So should you take out special camper insurance? It is not necessary as your camper is going to be covered on a range of different insurances. You want to be sure however that it is listed and that you are sure to update and inventory it so that you can claim it if something happens.

For those that live in the Richardson, TX area, the agents with Allegiance Insurance Agency can help you to find the right policy for your camper.