RV’s Are Not Just For Summer Loving: How To Make Certain Your Insurance Policy Encompasses All Seasons

"Summer Loving – Had Me a Blast" – How to Ensure Your RV Insurance Will Last

We know we are dating ourselves at Allegiance Insurance Agency of Richardson, TX with the above quoted song lyric from the classic film Grease but we will take the risk. Just more evidence that we are a tried and true agency that has been around for awhile.

Serious RV (Recreational Vehicle) lovers use their beloved RV’s all year long.  Hitting the open road is the goal and since you have to sleep somewhere the RV gets a chance to hit the road with you.

We want to make certain that you have the right insurance protection to fit your RV passion. Some RV drivers use their recreational vehicle as a year round home. Their insurance needs will be very different as compared to the RV owner that only uses their vehicle in the summer months.

Many insurance policies can be written to include storage options for RV owners who do not use their vehicle as a year round residence. Like auto insurance, RV insurance differs depending upon the amount of miles you travel and the distance you cover on trips. As you consider what insurance options will best suit your needs it is a good idea to discuss your particular circumstance with an insurance professional who knows about RV insurance. 

Speaking with an insurance agent at Allegiance Insurance Agency will help you decide how much coverage you need. We can also help you decide what special provisions based on your brand of driving will be necessary. Call or stop in today if you are in the Richardson, TX area to further discuss how you can protect your home on the road. 

Tips for Your Long Distance Motorcycle Road Trip

There is nothing more relaxing and fun than a long road trip on your motorcycle that begins in the Richardson, TX area. Make the most of your trip enjoyment by making time to plan because your storage space is limited. Here are a few practical tips for your next long distance motorcycle road trip.

  • Being prepared to whether any weather will help keep you comfortable because being wet and/or cold is not fun. Spend the money to get a comfortable, waterproof, riding suit. It doesn’t need to be the most expensive, but you’ll want one that is good quality and can slip over your clothes if the weather starts to turn bad. 
  • Look into a luggage rack for your motorcycle. While a backpack may hold plenty of stuff and seem like a great idea at first, you’ll find that it isn’t. After some time, it will start pinching your shoulders, ruining your posture, and the noise from the top flapping in your ear will start to be maddening. A simple fix is an inexpensive luggage rack.
  • Get your motorcycle a checkup.  A general check of the oil, lights, fluids, and tires will help avoid an untimely breakdown.  
  • Packing tips. Make a list and ask yourself if you need to carry it or if could easily be picked up on the road, if the answer is “no,” leave it behind.  Bring 2-3 bungee cords or paracord; you never know when you’ll need to strap something down.  Don’t worry about how you dress, so lose the outfits and bringing clothing you can layer for the changing temperatures.

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