When to Get a New Care Insurance Quote in Plano, TX

Are you satisfied with your current car insurance premiums? If you live in Plano, TX and you don’t have full coverage auto insurance, it’s time to get a quote. A good place to start is with the Allegiance Insurance Agency, but you can start online as well.

How often?

The key is to get new car insurance quotes every year. Yes, that may seem frequent. But when you think about it, it makes sense. Your insurance carrier renews your policy every six months or every year. Your rates may go up or down depending on how many claims you filed the previous year. If you don’t look around at other options on the very competitive car insurance market, you might miss some pretty good deals. An annual premium update is important.

But why?

We’ve mentioned that the car insurance industry is competitive when means rates fluctuate with supply and demand. The carrier who offered you the best rate last year may not offer the same low rate this year. You could be losing money simply because you didn’t take the time to get a few auto quotes. For example, if you’re not already a customer at Allegiance Insurance Agency, that’s a good place to start. Either call or walk into their office and provide the information they need to give you a solid car insurance quote. You might be surprised that the premium they can offer is lower than what they could offer last year.

As you can see, shrugging off an annual car insurance quote comparison can be detrimental to your finances. You can save lots of money by being smart and going to several different companies for a car insurance quote. Take the time to do an annual quote search to help you find the best coverage for your car.

Winter Driving Tips

Despite the trend of warm weather so far this fall, temperatures will eventually drop in Plano, TX.  When they do, you can bet we will experience some icy conditions. Driving through ice can be very stressful.  No one wants their vehicle to slide off of the road or get into an accident.  While it is always best to avoid driving on icy roads, sometimes this is not an option. By taking a few safety precautions, you improve your chances of arriving at your destination safely in icy conditions.

Tip #1: Drive Slowly and Cautiously

If you must get out on icy roads, or find yourself unknowingly driving into an icy situation, take it slow.  Even if you are on the highway, you should not go any more than 45 mph when driving through the ice. Always keep your seatbelt on, just in case your car slides or fishtails.

Tip #2: If You Need to Stop or Slow Down, Ease into It

Do not press on the brakes real hard to slow or stop.  This can trigger a slide, and you may lose control of your vehicle.  Despite their name, antilock brakes do not always work well on ice and may still lock up your wheels.  And if your wheels lock up you will not be able to control the vehicle.

Tip #3: Avoid Hills and Other Dangerous Road Conditions

If your destination leads you to a steep hill or other road condition that appears dangerous, take a different route.  Even the best drivers are no match for gravity.

Tip #4: Pay Close Attention to the Weather Conditions

Being aware of the road and weather conditions before you venture out helps you to be prepared for the dangerous weather.  Routinely check the Plano, TX weather reports during the winter.