Top 3 Interior Home Inspections to Make This Fall

Fall is a good opportunity to take a look around the home for needed repairs. The kids have returned to school, which leaves more time to inspect without interruptions. Moreover, the chilly fall weather in Plano, TX can be a guide as to just how prepared your home is for the upcoming winter.

While checking things inside the home, also contact the friendly professionals at Allegiance Insurance Agency. It is always best to have insurance coverage adequate enough to take care of household needs in the case of an emergency.

Without further ado, here are the top three home interior inspections to make this fall.

1. Window Panes

Always check your window panes in the fall to ensure that they have no cracks. These perforations will allow in the wintry cold. Consequently, your utilities bill can be much higher than expected.

If you experience any drafts coming from the window panes during the fall, go ahead and fill the gaps with a caulk filling. Also consider covering windows with plastic, which is an economical means of conserving heat.

2. Attics

These large spaces above our living quarters must have adequate insulation. If not, you can expect to feel cold breezes on some fall nights and throughout the winter months.

Choose from the many available types of insulation, including fiberglass, foam, natural fiber and wool. These materials are virtual blankets that keep your attic snug even on the chilliest Plano, TX  nights.

3. Doors

Doors that open to the exterior can let the cold in and heat out. Look for any gaps along the frame. Be sure to fill these spaces, either with something temporary, such as a towel, or a permanent seal.

Get Started Securing Your Home Today

Fall is the time to begin securing your home interior. With summer over, you need to prepare for the colder temperatures.

In addition, you should have insurance coverage to pay for any accidents that may occur to you, your family or property. To get started, contact the compassionate team at Allegiance Insurance Agency to discuss the best policy for you. Begin right now by checking the convenient online quote tool to learn just how much you can save.




Texas is Camping Country, Is Your Policy Ready?

Trailers and equipment attached to them are generally considered part of the automobile pulling them on a public road, so auto insurance policies tend to account for this practice as treating the trailer and vehicle as one covered entity. That said, the driver has a responsibility to make sure the trailer and its contents are operating in compliance with traffic laws as well. That includes:

  • Ensuring the trailer has necessary lighting for brakes and running lights and proper reflectors.
  • The trailer connection point to the hitch is secure and has a backup chain system in place as well.
  • The contents on the trailer are appropriately strapped down tight and checked periodically during the trip for loosening.
  • The load on the trailer does not exceed it’s carrying capacity and does not exceed the towing capacity of the vehicle or the hitch involved.
  • The vehicle is not exceeding allowable speeds for towing a trailer and is the appropriate lane of traffic.
  • The trailer is properly licensed with the local state DMV.

With all the above taken care of, a driver will have done a reasonable person’s amount of due diligence in operating a trailer correctly. Coverage can be generally expected in the case of an accident or mishap if the auto policy involved covers inclusion. Keep in mind, however, the policy may still differ between covering damage to others versus comprehensive damage. And policies are very likely going to have a cap on how much coverage is addressed in total. All said though, a driver with a trailer can usually expect coverage with a good policy. For those in the Plano, TX area wanting to get into specifics with their given vehicle and trailer, Allegiance Insurance Agency can help. Give them a call today.