5 Types of Liability Coverage Your Business Needs

Every business has its own unique set of needs and requires a different collection of insurance investment to protect it against unexpected calamities. There are, however, a few types of business insurance coverage that every company, of any size, should consider purchasing.

Liability: While the idea that every business should have liability coverage should come as no big shock, the type can vary based on the type of business run. There are three primary types, and which you select depends on how you operate:

  • Professional: Covers judgments resulting from work delivered to clients with mistakes, errors, or other forms of negligence, for service-based companies.
  • Product: Covers accidents and injuries that arise from defective products, for companies selling products.
  • General: Accidents that occur in or because of your business. This is more blanket coverage and worth considering for any business.

Data Breach: Data breaches are affecting almost half the organizations storing sensitive data, according to the 2015 Experian Industry Forecast. To protect your business against the inevitability of an attack, this insurance has you covered and can help you prevent data leaks.

Business Interruption: If a major disaster disrupts your business – this coverage ensures that you can continue to pay the bills until operations can get back underway. It provides enough money to pay for the regularly occurring operating costs until your income returns.

Key Person: Have a person in your company whose loss would be a disaster? This covers your company in the event they become disabled or pass away.

Umbrella: Coverage for everything you and your insurance agent can’t foresee, umbrella insurance fills the gap where your other coverage falls short.

To get the best insurance coverage for your business, contact Allegiance Insurance Agency and discuss your needs and concerns with a skilled insurance agent. Contact an agent today for a quote.

What You Need To Know About RV Insurance in Plano, TX

Plano, TX is a vibrant place to live and to visit.  It has plenty to do with nightlife, restaurants, balloon festivals, and the Southpark Ranch from the TV series Dallas, as well as various parks and museums.  If you plan on purchasing an RV in Plano, TX, or you plan on taking a trip there with your RV,  you’re going to need RV insurance.  But is all RV insurance created equal?  While there are state laws that require minimum purchases on RV insurance policies, at Allegiance Insurance Agency we work to get you the best coverage to suit your needs and at an affordable rate.     

Whether you use your RV for personal use or as your motorhome, it can be insured for up to 250 days out of the year.  That insurance may include liability coverage, bodily injury, and property damage coverage.  What also may be included is medical payments, uninsured coverage and more.  When you talk with an insurance professional at Allegiance Insurance Agency, you can discuss other insurance options such as vacation liability, roadside assistance, safe driver discounts, and more.  You can also consider bundling your insurance policies to save even more money.  

When using your RV in Plano, TX or taking it on the road, having the right coverage is important to protect this valuable asset from any unexpected accidents.  At Allegiance Insurance Agency, we have a passion for RV insurance and take the time to outline everything in detail, giving you the best options at the best prices for your RV insurance policy in Plano, Tx.  Call or visit us today to find out more.