Safety tips for going solo in a RV

It is fun and exciting to travel alone, especially in an RV. Going solo brings lots of freedom to the RV owner — along with a list of safety concerns. What if I break down? What if I get lost? Should I do this?

Solo travelers can drive all night and sleep through the day, stop for a week or dig in for months. They can also get lost with no one along to watch for road signs. There are more dangers for the solitary soul than for people traveling in groups.

Whether following a strict agenda or free styling, safety is a top priority when going solo.

Here are 12 safety tips to reduce unsavory surprises.

  1. Travel with a smart phone
  2. Study RV manuals and learn basic repairs.
  3. Make sure all insurance policies and licenses are up-to-date. Call Allegiance Insurance Agency if you have questions.
  4. Before leaving, make sure the RV is road ready. Check that everything is tied down securely.
  5. Use GPS as needed
  6. Follow a regular maintenance schedule during the trip
  7. Be aware of surroundings. Move on if unsavory characters are lurking. Head to a better place on down the road. Trust your gut feelings!
  8. Park in a space that is easy to exit.
  9. When sleeping, keep all door and windows locked.
  10. Keep quiet about travel arrangements. Strangers don’t need to know you are traveling solo. Carry extra lawn chairs and set out two pairs of shoes.
  11. Keep friends and relatives informed, texting and emailing regularly. If you go missing, someone needs to know.
  12. Do not let fear stop you from having the time of your life. Bon voyage!

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Why Motorcycle Insurance is Critical in Plano, Tx

Having motorcycle insurance, especially in a busy suburb of the Dallas Metroplex like Plano, Texas is critically not legally operate a motorcycle without at least some form of liability insurance in the state of Texas, but you are playing with fire by not having as much coverage as possible if you own a motorcycle. Below are some of the reasons why you should take out a healthy motorcycle insurance policy with a local broker like Allegiance Insurance Agency in Plano if you own a bike and like to ride.


As a motorcycle rider, you probably know how vulnerable you are on the road on a regular basis. So if you don’t have motorcycle insurance that has a good amount of medical and health coverage, you could end up in the hospital with hefty medical bills after a highly probable accident. Having motorcycle insurance with this form of coverage is critical to financially protect yourself and your family in the event you are hit by another driver or lose control of your bike and wreck it.


Motorcycles are expensive, especially to serious riders. So if you do happen to have an accident, which there is always a high probability of with motorcycles, you will need insurance to repair, replace or rebuild it. If you don’t have the right insurance to cover this, you may be out of pocket for thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars and that is something that most people can’t afford. So why take the risk when you can pay a small amount per month to have complete piece of mind?