Why Life Insurance is Important

It is difficult to discuss death, so many people put off buying life insurance. They may not realize that life insurance is not specifically for you, it is intended to protect your family when you die. It is important to understand why having life insurance can give you and your family member’s peace of mind.

Comfort Family Members

It is necessary to obtain life insurance, especially if you have young children. You should also maintain life insurance if you have individuals that depend on you financially, like a stay-at-home spouse or elderly parents. Life insurance may be helpful to them if you die suddenly. It will be difficult enough without you. If daily expenses are not being met, they could fall into severe financial trouble.

Chasing Your Debts

Mortgages, credit cards, and auto loan debts may be an issue for your family if there is no life insurance to protect them. Your dependents may be able to use your life insurance to pay off your leftover debts. They may also be able to use the money towards funeral arrangements.

Businesses Can Benefit Too

Life insurance is not strictly for individuals, it can also be there to help cover expenses in the unfortunate case that your business partner dies. You may be able to run the business with the insurance until you are able to recover and get on your feet.

Depending on your policy, you can purchase life insurance at a reasonable rate. The Allegiance Insurance Agency has independent agents that serve the Plano, TX area and can offer advice and information concerning a new life insurance policy. In addition to life insurance, the team at Allegiance Insurance Agency is also available to help with auto, home, health, and commercial insurance on new or existing policies.

Gear up for Summer: Three Ways to Protect Your Boat

You love your boat. It’s one of those investments that is only ever made by true enthusiasts. As passionate as you are, it’s always important to make sure your interest are protected. Here are three simple tips to keep your boat protected.

At the Dock

Boats come in so many shapes and sizes, so these tips have to be adjusted accordingly. In general, one of the biggest threats to your boat is the dock itself. Chafe gear is very important to prevent dock contact from slowly damaging your boat’s integrity. In a lot of cases even the chafe gear will eventually create wear. If your boat has a rub rail or similar protection, vertical additions to the dock can ensure that the right part of the boat is receiving contact as water levels rise and fall. Stopping Straps and long dock lines can also help prevent the boat from knocking around while it sits in the slip.


Maintaining the boat in the offseason is usually the most important part of preserving its longevity. If possible, removing the boat from the water and storing it in a climate controlled facility is the ultimate protection. Barring that, roofs provide more protection than tarps, and cold weather is always a threat, so preventing ice and freezing damage is a must. If the boat needs to stay in the water, there are a few important things to remember. First, properly seal the boat. Unexpected water can expand during the winter and wreak havoc. Second, take care with the dock lines. Severe weather can push a boat under a dock, causing it to sink. Properly securing the watercraft with long lines is the best way to prevent this.


No matter how hard you try to protect your boat, it will be exposed to extreme weather and the general hardships of the water. You would never have purchased your vessel if you didn’t love boating, so make sure you have a policy that covers the conditions you know your boat will face. Even if you already have coverage, double check it. A quick chat with the expert agents of Allegiance Insurance Agency can make sure you are in good care.