Avoid Common Car Accident Scams

Car accidents can be dangerous, expensive, and sometimes deadly. Unfortunately, many scammers are out there to take your money by staging accidents. These drivers may claim injuries that you will have to pay for as well as car damages. Being aware and knowing what to look for can go a long way in understanding how to avoid accident scams.

The Courtesy Wave

You put on your turn signal to indicate that you would like to move into the adjacent lane. A driver in that lane waves you in. As you move over, the driver speeds up to cause an accident. When the police arrive, he proceeds to tell them that he never gave you a courtesy wave and the accident becomes your fault. You will probably receive a ticket for reckless driving and your insurance rates may increase.

The Brake Slammers

All of a sudden, the person in front of you slams on their brakes. The traffic is light and there wasn’t a dog that ran into the road. They just stop so you had no choice except to ram into their vehicle. Without a doubt, the police will cite you, not them. To avoid this situation make sure that there is adequate space between you and the vehicle in front of you, preferable one car length.

The Swoop and Stop

A car will swoop in front of you and stop suddenly. A collaborator will pull next to you, so that you cannot swerve out of the way. This causes you to bump their vehicle. When the police are called the witness, or collaborator, would say that it was completely your fault. In this case, it is wise to be alert for drivers who are behaving recklessly by wandering in and out of lanes and stopping without warning.

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3 Reasons Why Home Insurance Is Important

It is important to explore home insurance in Plano, Texas. While it is not required by the state, it may be required by your mortgage lender – and it is going to help you in a wide range of ways. It’s certainly worth the investment, and comparisons can be made to ensure you get an affordable premium.

Protect Your Property

Your property needs to be protected at all times. With home insurance, your dwelling will be covered – and this may include additional buildings on your property, such as a shed, secondary garage, or a barn. When you explore homeowners insurance coverage levels, it is simply a matter of identifying all of your property in order to ensure that coverage is in place.

Protect Your Assets

There may be a number of assets within your home. This can include furniture, jewelry, art, and much more. It’s possible to establish a list of the assets so that you are covered on everything. This way, if there is ever a break-in and the items are stolen, you may be able to obtain cash value for everything that is included within your policy. Additionally, if any of these items are damaged, it may be possible to have them replaced.

Ensure Your Home is in Good Condition

If something happens to your home, such as something being burned or shingles falling off of your roof, you want to make sure that your home is always in good condition. Instead of paying for all of these repairs on your own, you can file a claim with the insurance company and have them make the repairs.

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