Flood Insurance: Lessening the effects of unforeseen disasters

You have gone through hoops to buy or maintain  your home, spent hundreds or thousands fixing it up and made it into your space. The awards you won years ago, family heirlooms, and personal belongings, including the technological devices and gadgets you have accumulated all find residence in your home as much as you do. Often, the intrinsic as well as the monetary value of these things is overlooked as long as the possibility of natural disasters is not considered. When natural disasters happens, such as the series of damaging floods that hit Texas in recent years, viewers who don’t have flood insurance discover that the cost of potential damages to their homes and lives greatly outweighs their investment in flood insurance in the state. Those who suffer the effects of this all-to-common natural disaster are less devastated after it happens because, at least, they have the insurance. 

Why Texas?

     Texas is one of the most beautiful places to live or visit often becoming the chosen location to spend long-awaited, family vacations. One of the reasons that makes Texas the perfect vacation spot is also the reason it is perfectly set for devastating floods. Texas is it’s own unique place, and the weather there is no different. 

What now?

     While floods and severe weather conditions may be predicted, their effects on your life remain unforeseen. Schedule an appointment to speak with one of the agents in Alliance Insurance Services to review a current flood insurance policy or protect your home with a new one. Find out what coverage you can get in Texas (insurance laws and coverage varies for every state).

Avoiding Fender Bender Fraud

Unfortunately, people use accidents as prime times to earn cash. You can take necessary steps to prevent this, but you have to know exactly how to, or you could find yourself doing more than just playing the victim. 

1. Talk to Witnesses

The cops aren’t the only ones who can get statements. If you don’t call the cops, or even if you do, get a statement from as many witnesses as possible. When you speak with them, get their statement as well as all of their information in case you need to call upon them for insurance purposes or to defend you in the event the accident goes to court. 

2. Call the Cops

This might seem like a step you don’t want to take, but it has the potential to work out in your favor. The cop can act as a witness to state that certain injuries weren’t possible from the accident. It’s not necessary to call the cops when a small accident occurs, but just because the accident is little, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the potential to escalate. It’s necessary by law to contact the police if the estimated damage is more than $1,000. 

3. Drive Safely

When you’re on the road, leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you. This makes it so another driver can’t purposely stop in front of you abruptly, cause an accident and then sue you. The person might be doing this to claim you caused back or neck injuries that are hard to depute.

Driving safely and making sure you have statements of people from the accident will help you prevent fraud. You can make sure to protect yourself further by having the correct amount of insurance by contacting Allegiance Insurance Agency for a quote.