3 Local Organizations That Will Benefit From Your Volunteerism in Allen, Texas

At Allegiance Insurance Agency, we know the value and importance of volunteering. Often times, people want to volunteer but they do not know how or where to get involved. To help provide you with some options, take into consideration these three organizations. You’ll find they often need volunteers and you do not need to put in a lot of time or a lot of work to make a difference.

Volunteer to Help Animals

From baths to walks, the animals at the Allen Animal Shelter often need help. You can also help by providing a monetary donation or donating food or supplies to the organization. The animal shelter often needs teens and adults who can spend some time with animals one-on-one.

Urban Forestry, Parks, and Recreation

If you enjoy the outdoors and cannot stand to see the parks littered, then get involved with the Urban Forestry, Parks, and Recreation organization. From cleanups to simply helping with repairs or other types of support, there is always something you can do here to help this organization provide a better quality of service.

Get Involved with Seniors

Allen Senior Recreation Center provides a great opportunity for you to find individuals to talk with and share with on a daily basis. The organization is often looking for those who can help socialize, interact, or just provide aid to individuals in need.

Each of these organizations can use your help in the Allen, Texas area. Let us help you with your insurance needs while you help to meet the needs of the community alongside our team. It takes a few minutes to explore the opportunities and find a way to make your own impact.

Make sure you are fully insured by contacting Allegiance Insurance Agency today. Let us help you stay safe while you are out there volunteering.



How to Safeguard the House You Are House Sitting

In the United States, it’s estimated that burglaries of homes account for nearly 74% of all burglary instances per the Federal Bureau of Investigations. If you are a house sitter, then you don’t want to be a sitting duck if an intruder attempts to enter the home you are in while sitting. The following are some ways you can safeguard the home you are house sitting.

Safety Tip #1. Secure every door and window in the home.

The windows and doors of a home offer intruders an easy way into the space. You shouldn’t make it hard for them. You must lock each window and door consistently, to ensure safety.

Safety Tip #2. Make intruders trigger the alarm.

Intruders love operating in the shadows. If you don’t engage your security system, you give the cover. Whether you are in the home or not, you should always have the alarm engaged on every potential entry point in the home you are house sitting.

Safety Tip #3. Don’t flaunt that you are home alone.

Although house sitting can be a joy, you don’t want to flaunt that you are home alone. Being home alone can make you an easy target, and you never want an intruder to get an idea. When you come to the home and when you leave, do so inconspicuously. By keeping your movements secret, someone watching the home you are house sitting won’t know when you are home or not.

At Allegiance Insurance Agency, we hear stories of burglary all the time. We want to ensure that you are taking every opportunity to safeguard you and the house you are sitting.

We offer a line of insurance products to help you protect your family, including car insurance for when you travel to and from the houses you house sit.