How Good of Mileage are You Getting?

When it comes to saving money on your vehicle, one of the first things you need to think about is how you can save money when traveling down the rode. This of course starts with making sure you are saving as much as possible when on your gas mileage. Here’s a quick look at the top tips you can follow to ensure your gas mileage is as efficient as possible. 

Make sure to perform regular maintenance

Performing regular maintenance is essential to the overall life of your car. With regular maintenance, you will have a smoother ride, and more importantly, you’ll enjoy better gas mileage. Even if you are already getting decent mileage, regular maintenance will boost the mileage so that you can save money. So although you might think investing in regular maintenance to be costly, it can actually save money over the life of your car. 

Be easy on the gas and brakes

Another simple tip that you’ll want to follow is being ‘easy’ on the gas and brakes. This means you’ll want to perform easy takeoffs when first pushing on the gas, and even easier braking when coming to a stop or slowing down. 

If you would like to learn more about saving gas mileage, whether it be on a road trip or to the office right down the road, then please contact a qualified agent working at the Allegiance Insurance Agency today. Not only will you learn how to increase your case mileage, but you’ll also be able to compare your current insurance policy with those that are currently available, meaning you might be able to save money on your next month’s premium. 

3 Tips for Avoiding Fender Bender Fraud in Plano

People will unfortunately do the wrong thing from time to time, and fender bender fraud can happen to anyone. In Plano, TX, you need to be prepared for as much as possible on the road, so we’ll give you a few ways you can prevent fraud from taking over your life. 

Document Everything 

Even if you think think there was no damage and the other party states they’re fine. People change their minds quickly once they realize there could be money involved. Take pictures of your car, the property around it, the other person’s car, their drivers license and make sure everything is time stamped. It’s unlikely you’ll need all that evidence, but having it makes you prepared for the worst. 

Get It In Writing 

You may be reluctant to call the police, but it can really help to have someone else state what happened who has no stake in the game. This can be helpful if anything goes to court, or should you need additional documentation for your insurance.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

You might be surprised to know that the truth actually is powerful when it comes to fender bender fraud. Courts and insurance agencies see enough of it to generally know when someone’s story checks out and when it sounds fishy. Just stay consistent, and don’t panic if the other party is telling outright lies about what happened. You were there, so just recount it all as best as possible. 

Coverage for Fraud 

Allegiance Insurance Agency knows that Plano, TX might see fender bender fraud from time to time, and they’re here to help get drivers policies for whatever may happen. Call us if you need a quote to see how we can help you too.