Don’t Let Your Jack-O-Lanterns Pull a Trick This Halloween

Carving pumpkins is a longstanding Halloween tradition. It’s almost as anticipated as trick-or-treating. While generally safe, accidents can happen anytime knives and open flames are being used. Heed these basic safety tips, and make sure your jack-o-lanterns don’t pull a trick on you this Halloween.

General Jack-O-Lantern Safety

Staying safe while carving pumpkins just requires a little common sense. It’s easy to forget about even simple safety precautions, though, when you’re having fun with family and friends. No matter how hectic your home is with Halloween activities this October, make sure you:

  • have child-safe carving knives on hand for kids (and perhaps adults) to use
  • supervise children whenever they have a knife — even if it’s child-safe
  • put battery-powered lights, instead of candles, in your finished jack-o-lanterns

Home Insurance Coverage

If something does happen while carving jack-o-lanterns, you’ll want to make sure you’re covered by your home insurance policy. Your home insurance policy may cover some jack-o-lantern related accidents, depending on how its coverages are defined. To see what types of accidents your policy covers, check the terms and conditions on its liability coverage.

If your home insurance doesn’t give you as much protection as you’d like, contact us at Allegiance Insurance Agency. We have experienced insurance agents who are licensed in Texas. They can help you with your home insurance needs if you live in Plano, TX.

In just a few moments, our agents can pull up several home insurance quotes for you, which they’ll be happy to help you compare with your current coverage. To get in touch with one of our agents, contact us online or by phone. Just be sure to get in touch before you start carving pumpkins if you want coverage for jack-o-lantern related accidents.