Motorcycle Insurance 101: The Motorcycle You Purchase Can Affect Your Payment

Like all states, in the great state of Texas, you have to maintain motorcycle insurance on your bike before taking it for a spin. If you are a new rider, then it may be of interest to you to know the motorcycle you choose will impact the cost of coverage. The following are a few things you should consider before signing on the dotted line for a new motorcycle.

The Type of Motorcycle You Purchase Affects the Cost of Insurance

There are all different types of motorcycles on the road. Many people choose a motorcycle based on their personality, while others may choose to have multiple types of motorcycles, including:

  • Harleys
  • Sports motorcycles
  • Classic motorcycles

With sports motorcycles, the cost of insuring these bikes increase because they are more prone to theft and if you are in an accident riding one, you may incur serious injuries. Individuals with Harleys pay less because they tend to ride safer as well as drivers of classic motorcycles.

High Possibility of Being Liable

Insurance companies consider many factors when deciding how much to charge you for the type of coverage you select. When you select motorcycle coverage, they consider you getting into a motorcycle insurance wreck and the potential for damage. Unfortunately, while driving a motorcycle, there is very little to protect the rider, which means in both at-fault and no-fault accidents, the rider is still a risk to insure, which leads to increased insurance premiums.

Whether you are new to the world of motorcycles, or you are replacing a motorcycle you had at one time, you should contact a local agent to determine what coverage will work best for the type of motorcycle you have or get a quote from the website to determine what your insurance rate will be for coverage. 

Your Bike Adventures Benefit from Motorcycle Insurance

Get your motorcycle motor running in Richardson, TX, and enjoy the scenic views and exciting attractions. If you're in the mood for Mexican food, try Frankie's Mexican Cuisine where you can eat Mexican lasagna, salmon or traditional fajitas. Park your bike at the popular Sweet Firefly restaurant where you'll sample original Blue Cookie Monster or delicious homemade cinnamon ice cream. If you appreciate cultural activities, enjoy going out on the town for an entertaining evening at the Wiseman Center for the Performing Arts where you can watch a live play. Before you ride your bike to unknown destinations, contact us to speak with a local Richardson independent agent in the 75080 area about a cheap motorcycle insurance policy that protects you when you're on the highway.

It's easy to find the best coverage for your budget by requesting motorcycle insurance quotes. Once you receive quotes, view the pros and cons provided by various insurance agencies located in the 75080 area. Looking at live quotes on our website helps you gain a better perspective about different types of motorcycle insurance. Protect your investment with the right coverage. When you have a Total Loss policy, also known as TLC coverage, for your bike, you receive full compensation if your motorcycle is completely demolished in an accident.

Speak with one of our knowledgeable insurance agents to find out if your standard motorcycle insurance policy covers total loss or if you need to pay an additional amount for a rider. You may already have basic motorcycle insurance that offers minimum coverage according to TX laws. However, insurance agencies providing motorcycle insurance quotes can help you discover if you need to go beyond minimum coverage. Give our agency in Richardson, TX, a call so you can discuss your options.