Preparing For A Texas Motorcycle Tour

With over 600 miles of coastline, sandy plains, rugged mountain backdrops, and year-round pleasant weather, the Lone Star State is a motorcyclist’s dream. A bit of preparation before your tour will save you a lot of frustration during your ride.

Know Where You’re Going

Get a good motorcycle map for your tour – especially if you’re headed to an area in that you’ve never visited. Some maps will list scenic routes you don’t want to miss, complete with pictures so you know what to expect along the way. You also can use a GPS device, which will come in handy when navigating large cities and metropolitan areas in the state.

Get Emergency Kits

Busy city streets and metropolitan areas afford plenty to see. On the flip side, you might run into a few emergency situations along the way. Pack these crucial kits, so you can fix your motorcycle if an emergency arises:

  • Tire repair kit
  • Small tool kit
  • First aid kit

Know The Helmet Rules

If you’re at least 21 years old, you can decide if you want to wear a safety helmet. If you choose not to wear one, you’ll need to prove that you completed a rider-training course. Or, you can show proof that your insurance policy has coverage for injuries you might incur from a motorcycle accident.

*** A motorcycle safety helmet is mandatory for riders under who are younger than 21.

Get Good Insurance Coverage

Check your insurance policy before you rev your machine. Liability coverage is compulsory for all motor vehicles traveling on Texas roads.

Make Sure You Have Enough Coverage

Avoid the temptation of getting just enough coverage to meet the state’s minimum rule. These coverage limits might not be enough if you’re involved in a motorcycle accident. Talk to a reputable motorcycle insurance agency to make sure you have enough insurance coverage.

Call us at Allegiance Insurance Agency today. We’ll show you how to get adequate motorcycle insurance so you can enjoy a worry-free ride.

Best Insurance Agents in Addison, TX

Addison may be just 4.4 square miles, but this small town has some of the greatest businesses in the entire Dallas metropolitan area. People from all over North Texas come to Addison for the best in restaurants, entertainment and shopping, so it makes sense that Addison would also be home to some of the best insurance agents around as well.

If you are in search of the best insurance agents in Addison, TX, look no further than our independent agency. By choosing an independent agency, you gain the one-on-one service of a team that is dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations. The people of Addison expect Texas- sized hospitality. We believe that the best insurance agents are the ones who are committed to the customer – not big insurance companies.

No matter what your insurance needs are – personal or commercial – we are equipped to get you the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Our agents will evaluate your current insurance coverage to identify gaps in coverage, risk exposure, and perhaps areas where you may be over-paying. We can offer policies from several of the leading insurance companies in Texas, ensuring you get exactly what you or your business needs – nothing more and nothing less.

Call us today for more information on:

  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Commercial insurance

Whether you are in need of a new insurance policy or want to shop around for more competitive coverage and premiums, our agents are ready to serve you. Call us today for more information and to request your free quotes. It costs you nothing to find out how much we can save you on insurance. Just a few minutes with an independent Addison agent could put money back in your pocket.

Insurance Company for Commercial Vehicles in TX

The state of Texas requires that businesses provide proof of financial responsibility when employees are driving a company car, truck or vehicle. Depending on the situation and the number of vehicles that your business owns, the best way to establish financial responsibility may be purchasing a commercial insurance policy. By working with an insurance company, you can find a rate that is appropriate for your goals and concerns.

Types of Companies

Generally, there are two companies that offer coverage to businesses: any company that is licensed to sell insurance and specialized companies that focus solely on the needs of companies.

When you work with a specialized company, the coverage is optimized for businesses. Other companies may offer the same coverage options, but will usually have personal insurance options as well. Depending on the type of company that you prefer to work with, the best policy and option may vary.

Coverage Options

Although you must provide proof of financial responsibility and you should meet the state standards for coverage, you can purchase any type of plan that you prefer. Liability protection is required, but additional coverage is a personal choice.

You can purchase a comprehensive plan for all of your company vehicles, but you should recognize the details and read the policy thoroughly before you determine that the plan is appropriate for your goals and concerns. There may be a variety of options available, so compare the plans so that you can make the best decision for your business.

Owning a company means that you have a variety of financial concerns and obligations. When you own vehicles and require that your employees drive, then you may need coverage to protect other drivers and your employees. To learn more, contact us to talk to an agent today.

Allen, TX Boat Insurance Agent

Texas does not require boat insurance, but when you take your boat out onto the waterways around Allen, TX, you have a few compelling reasons to pick up a policy. The first is that boats aren’t cheap when you start getting into motorized options. You wouldn’t think twice about picking up car insurance on a luxury vehicle, so getting insurance coverage on an equally impressive boat should be a shoe in as well.

Many people don’t bother with boat insurance in Texas, so if you do get hit hard enough to cause boat damage, you can’t rely on the other vehicle having their own coverage. Instead, hold your own insurance so you aren’t left with a leaky boat because someone decided to ram you while you were out fishing.

Boat insurance also helps you to protect your boat when you’re moving it to and from the water ways. Instead of hoping and praying that your auto insurance policy would pay on any damage dealt to the boat when you’re towing it to the water or marina, get a boat insurance policy to stop worrying about the issues.

Personal property insurance helps you keep your boating gear safe, as the insurance company pays out if you need it replaced due to loss, damage, theft, or vandalism. You don’t want to be without your fishing gear at the height of the season, so look into this policy option.

Finally, your boat gets protected while it’s being stored at your house or at a marina. The marina often has insurance protection for boats, but your homeowners policy may not always cover the full amount of your boat.

How to change motorbike insurance in Plano, TX

When you are not satisfied with your motorbike insurance in Plano, TX, you may need to replace the current plan with an alternative policy. Depending on the plan that you are considering, it may also be necessary to discontinue coverage with your current provider. The key is recognizing your options so that you can obtain a plan that is appropriate for your needs.

Find a Plan

Before you cancel your current plan, always find a new provider. Do not cancel your coverage without first obtaining a new policy.

Compare your options and find a plan that addresses your concerns and complaints. If it is necessary, then work with an agent to avoid the situation that is making you change your policy. You may not be happy with the current plan, but you should always replace the policy before you cancel it to avoid unnecessary problems.

Pay the Premium

Make the first premium payment on your new plan and get a start date. You want the policy approved and set up before you cancel.

Call and Cancel

Call your current insurance provider and ask to cancel the policy. A representative will usually cancel the plan after you make a request. In many cases, you will have a portion of your premium returned if you cancel in the middle of a payment period. There may be cancelation fees added to your plan, so the exact amount that you get back can vary based on the situation.

Canceling a policy is not difficult, but you should always make sure that your new policy has started before canceling to avoid any legal concerns or problems that were unnecessary. To learn more about canceling a policy or finding a new plan that is more suitable, contact us to talk to an agent today.