How Important Is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Most business owners who use a vehicle as a component of their business activities will need commercial auto insurance. In most states, auto insurance is necessary to operate a vehicle on the city streets. However, commercial-based insurance is not a requirement in all cases. Nevertheless, it provides one of the most important levels of protection for a business.

Liability Concerns

One of the ways in which commercial auto insurance is necessary and beneficial has to do with liability. As with standard liability insurance, commercial policies provide protection for accidents. However, these policies may offer extended coverage beyond a basic auto policy. This can help to protect the business from the financial implications of an accident. A simple car accident may lead to thousands of dollars (or more) in damage in some cases.

Getting Into an Affordable Policy

With the aid of an independent agent, it is possible to find affordable policies that provide ample protection. Business owners may need to select insurance that fits their specific needs, such as fleet coverage for trucks or a number of cars. Additionally, passenger insurance plans may be different as well.

With the use of our comparative analysis tool, it is possible to compare insurance policies from multiple carriers in one place. This tool ensures you get accurate information about available policies that will provide the coverage your business needs. It is important to choose a policy that is affordable and comprehensive enough to protect your business.

Going without commercial car insurance is not recommended whenever a vehicle is used for business purposes, by the owner or by employees. Having a policy can be more affordable than taking a risk on not having coverage. Contact our independent agent to discuss your specific coverage needs and get a quote for available policies.

Which types of insurance are required by law for all businesses?

When you own a business in Plano, TX, it is important to select business insurance that follows the regulations and laws of the state and federal governments. The coverage that is regarded by law may vary slightly between different types of businesses and industries, but certain plans are required for every business owner who has employees and risks.

Worker’s Compensation Coverage

In most cases, you will need to purchase worker’s compensation coverage if you have employees. Even as a small business with two or three workers, the risks of injuries must be handled and covered. Generally, you are required to purchase a policy if you have hired any other individuals to work in your company, even if the risk of injuries and illness are low.

Liability Insurance

Protecting your company, your employees and the public may require some liability protection. Any business that owns motor vehicles will need to purchase a commercial auto insurance plan that includes liability protection that complies with state insurance laws. Other forms of liability protection can vary slightly between companies based on the type of risks that your business may face.

Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment insurance is generally required for any business that has hired employees because there is always the risk that you will need to fire employees for any reason. The insurance protects your company and your workers from major financial strains when a particular individual is not providing adequate work or if you must fire employees due to financial challenges.

The types of insurance policies that are appropriate for your business may vary slightly, but most companies will need to purchase policies that are required by law. Contact us to speak to an agent about business insurance options and the coverage that you may need.

Must I go through a medical examination when I buy life insurance? Do I have to incur the costs?

Applying for life insurance can mean that it is necessary to obtain a medical examination, but the type of policy and the insurer can have different rules regarding the process of applying for coverage. Depending on the type of policy that you are considering, it may or may not be necessary to obtain a medical examination.

Policy Types

There are several policy types that are available: a term-life policy, whole-life policies and even guaranteed policies. Many term-life plans will require a medical exam to ensure that you do not have any per-existing conditions or major risks to your life and health. Whole-life policies may vary in the options that are available, so some insurers may not require an exam.

A guaranteed-life policy is usually the most expensive option, but insurers may not require an exam in Connecticut.

Costs of the Exam

When a medical examination is required for the coverage, the insurer will usually handle the costs because they require an independent professional to handle the situation. It is not enough to go to your family doctor for the exam; instead, an independent doctor or medical professional will come to you or meet you in a medical facility that is given by the insurer.

Some insurers may not require a medical exam, but they may ask for some medical details and your historical data when you are applying for the policy.

Many insurers require that you get an exam before you qualify for coverage. Depending on the insurer, the process and requirements associated with the exam may vary. Contact us to talk to an agent for more details about your options and the processes associated with applying for a life insurance policy.

What information do I need to report my claim?

When you suffer a loss, it might be prudent to call your insurer before you report an insurance claim. This way you can find out all the information you’ll need to provide. You can then gather all the necessary information and help speed the claim process. More complex claims might require more detailed documentation. In general, you’ll need the following items to report an insurance claim.

General Information

Regardless of the type of claim, you’ll need to give the adjuster your contact information and your policy information. He’ll use the information you provide to verify that you are indeed a customer and review the applicable coverage. This is one of the reasons that it is crucial that you keep your contact information up to date with your insurer. You don’t want any delays when you file a claim. In it’s an incident that involves others, provide their contact information when you report your claim.

Loss Information

You’ll need to tell when the loss occurred and describe the loss to the adjuster. Include as much information as possible so the adjuster has a clear idea of the events surrounding the loss. For example, if you’re reporting an auto accident, describe how the accident happened, give details of the road conditions and list witnesses and all involved. Also, be sure to describe your injuries, as well as those of others involved.

Life Insurance Claims

If you need to file a life insurance claim, you’ll need to provide the insured’s death certificate. If the person is your spouse, you’ll also need to provide your marriage certificate. Also, if children are beneficiaries, you might need their birth certificates and social security numbers.

Property Claim

Get your camera now and take pictures of your property. You want to have pictures of your property before the damage occurs. After an accident occurs, take steps to prevent further damage to your property as soon as it is safe. Take lots of pictures. Document the steps you take with pictures and written statements. If you need to buy supplies, get receipts. You’ll need to provide all of this information to the claim adjuster.

You might be a bit frazzled if a loss occurs that requires you to report an insurance claim. Knowing the information you’ll need before this happens can help you remain calm. Give us a call so that one of our helpful agents can help you through the process.