Does the Insurer Offer a Money Back Guarantee in Plano, TX, If I Change my Mind?

Purchasing any type of insurance in Plano, Texas is an essential part of protecting your personal assets. Even though it is important, you may discover a better option for your needs after you purchase coverage from an insurer in Wylie or Allen. At that time, you may ask questions like "can I get my money back". The answer ultimately depends on the insurer and the details of the plan you purchased.

Insurer Policies

Some insurers may offer a money back guarantee when you change your mind about the coverage plan. The guarantee may have specific conditions or situations that apply, so read through the document to determine if it has any clauses or time-limits. You may discover that it is possible to get a refund, but only if you inform the company within a set amount of time, such as two weeks.

Although it may be possible to get a refund, some insurers may not offer refunds or might only offer a partial refund, depending on the situation.

Signing a Contract

In general, if you sign a contract for coverage over a set period of time, then you may not be able to get a refund. Insurers may or may not require a contract, depending on the type of coverage and the situation. Some discounts may require a contract for a set period of time, which means that you may not be able to obtain a refund.

The situation surrounding your insurance policy and the details of your plan may contribute to your ability to get your money back. In some cases, insurers may be willing to offer a refund. To learn more about your policy and the guidelines that may limit a refund, contact us to talk to an independent agent.

In Plano, TX, When is it too late to buy health insurance?

As your independent agent serving the Wylie, Allen and Plano areas of Texas, we always advise people on the importance of having health insurance. Even if you are young and perfectly healthy, going without health insurance can expose you to great financial risk if you are in a serious accident and have to spend a week in the hospital.

In the past, having a pre-existing condition could make it very hard to buy affordable health insurance, either through your employer or on your own. If you are diagnosed with a very serious medical condition such as kidney failure, it is probably too late to buy an affordable health care policy. Fortunately, you may be able to get coverage for expensive dialysis treatments through Medicare.

Many health insurance companies require you to take a physical exam before they will issue you a policy. The requirements vary from insurer to insurer and whether you are part of a group plan or choose to buy coverage through an independent agent in Texas.

Everything is about to change with the full implementation of Obama Care. While there are still many questions to be answered about the new Affordable Care Act that is the law of the land, it does promise to make health care insurance available to more people for whom it was actually too late to buy a policy in the recent past.

While many people are upset about the costs and other implications of Obama Care, most would agree that it is a good thing to provide health insurance for those that could not afford the extremely high premiums because of a pre-existing condition.

There will be a lot of confusion as Obama Care is rolled-out and as your independent agent, it is our job to help you understand your options. Please give us a call to discuss your concerns and have any questions answered by a well-informed independent agent.

How Are Home Insurance Claims Paid in Plano, TX?

For individuals living in Plano, Allen, Wylie, or other areas of Texas within the region, it is vitally important for you to have the best type and level of insurance to protect your home. There may never be a need for you to file a claim against this policy. On the other hand, if that time does come, you need to know you are working with a reliable insurance provider able to meet your needs.

How Do Claims Happen?

Though each insurance provider is slightly different, the claim process for insurance is about the same for each company. The company is likely to require you to report the claim as soon as it happens. You may need to allow the agent to visit your home to see the damage, depending on what the type of claim is. In addition, you may need to produce a police report or other proof of the occurrence.

The agent’s job is to ensure that the claim you filed is justified. That is, the agent needs to ensure the problem you’ve experienced is considered a covered claim. This means the policy you have will provide coverage for it. If it is, then the insurance provider may pay the claim in one of several ways.

Most commonly, the insurance provider will request quotes for repair or replacement, depending on what your insurance policy says. Then, it may write a check to you for the amount of the loss. In other cases, the check may be written to the mortgage lender or to the company providing service. Talk to the agent to determine the route you will be paid in.

It can be important to have the right type, amount, and level of coverage for your home. To make sure of this, be sure to work with an independent agent who can help you to find the right insurance provider for your needs.

In Plano, TX, What is the Impact of Inaccuracies or Omissions in Automobile Insurance Application/Form?

When you are applying for auto insurance in Plano, Texas or the surrounding areas of Allen and Wylie, you may worry about possible inaccuracies on the application/form that you filled out. Inaccuracies on your form may include omissions, accidentally giving the wrong information about the vehicle or similar situations. Although automobile coverage does require accurate information, it may not be the dire situation that you imagine if the information is relatively minor.

Accidental Omissions or Misreported Data

When you discover that you accidentally forget certain details about your car or you put in the data inaccurately, call the insurer and clear up the misunderstanding. In most cases, minor changes to your application form are not going to impact the coverage that you receive.

Major Changes

If you purposely left out information or you know that you did not report the information accurately, then you may discover that insurers will charge more than you expected when a background check discovers the inaccuracy. Explain the situation if necessary or call the insurer to clear up any misunderstandings due to forgotten details or major omissions that occurred.

Monetary Changes

In most cases, accidentally forgetting details will not result in major problems. While major problems may not occur, it is possible that insurers will increase the premium if the missing data is related to a personal driving record, credit rating or if the car was inaccurately described during the application process.

Mistakes or forgotten information on an application form are not uncommon. It is easy to make minor mistakes, misread numbers or even mix up vehicles during the application. Calling the insurer and clearing up the mistake can help eliminate worries related to the problem. To learn more about clearing up accidental omissions, contact us to talk to an independent agent today.